Morrissey Cancels Show In San Antonio For Third Time; Fans Furiously Slams Singer On Twitter

By Pritha Paul | Apr 13, 2017 07:27 PM EDT

Steven Patrick Morrissey has canceled the third show in 6 months in San Antonio, this time due to health issues. Fans have taken to Twitter to post their frustrations on the matter.

"This event has been canceled following health concerns stemming from Morrissey's appearance in Tucson, it is great sadness that tonight's sold-out engagement in San Antonio at the Tobin Center is canceled to allow him to fully recuperate," states the official website of Tobin Center. It was also informed that every transaction made, regardless of the mode of payment, will be refunded, Brooklyn Vegan reports.

Morrissey had to limit his performance on Monday to just six songs after he lost his voice in the middle of the Tuscon concert. Leaving thousands of spectators stunned, he simply chose to walk off the stage, without giving an explanation, Ken5  reports. One of his band members had to rush out on to the stage and attempt to calm the crowd.

The former Smiths frontman was then forced to cancel tonight's show at Tobin Center in order to give himself some time to rest. However, this left the fans who has bought tickets for the concert, which was sold-out, heart-broken. Disappointed fans took to Twitter to express their anguish and frustration at Morrissey's sudden decision.

"No #morrissey per @TobinCenterSA tonight, San Antonio. Heaven knows you're miserable now," wrote a fan, while another suggested that Morrisey must really hate San Antonio to have dropped the plans of performing there three times over such a short period of time. Also, a number of memes went up in mockery of the occasion.

Rapper Kanye West experienced a similar situation last year when he almost lost his voice, followed by a mental breakdown on stage that compelled him to cancel his Saint Pablo tour midway. Steven Patrick Morrissey is yet to confirm the fate of his future performances.