JoJo New Music Video Release [WATCH]: 'Andre' off 'Agape' Mixtape, New Sound for Grown-Up "Too Little, Too Late" Singer

By Lauren Cortez, MStars News | Mar 21, 2013 04:12 PM EDT
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The "Too Little, Too Late" singer JoJo is back with a "new sound." The 22-year-old released her new music video today for the song "Andre" off of her 'Agápē' mixtape, which dropped in December.

After moving to L.A. from Boston, grown-up JoJo found her own sound and started having some fun with her music-and thus, Agápē, was born, Complex reports. "Agápē showcases JoJo's ability to write exactly what she's experienced without abiding by anyone else's rules."

JoJo, who first entered the music scene with her hit "Get out (Leave)" back in 2004 has thus far received positive feedback about her video. @JoJoistheway tweeted today:

"Great job team! So happy we pulled it off, making a way out of no way, per usual lol <3"

JoJo previously revealed to Complex that "Andre" pays homage to rapper and producer André 3000, adding: "What he represents is what totally I find attractive in a man - someone who's an individual, someone who's themselves unapologetically."

The star released her second mixtape in December last year after her long-delayed third studio album Jumping Trains was eventually scrapped, according to Digital Spy.

She previously admitted that her new R&B sound "feels right for the first time", adding: "I wanted to be able to usher in a new atmosphere for this project and give fresh energy without any of the bulls**t from the past."

JoJo's first two albums, "JoJo" in 2004 and "The High Road" in 2006, peaked inside the top five in the US and spawned hit singles like "Baby It's You" and "Too Little, Too Late."

In the new "Andre" video, featuring an "all grown up" JoJo, the singer's love interest praises her in a special art exhibit. While the vocalist told Vixen in July that she was single, the man in the video isn't too far off from the type of guy JoJo is attracted to.

"I love weirdos," she said. "I like them intellectual I want to learn something. I want you to teach me something. I don't mean that in a creepy way, but I mean, like for example, guys from another country or another place that I'm not familiar with or maybe he studied something I find fascinating. I love an alternative intellectual."

JoJo also told Complex about her inspiration for her new sound on 'Agape':

"Just as we're all doing in our early twenties, trying to find ourselves, that's where I'm at. Just ingesting and digesting as much music as possible. Experiencing things, writing through it. On this mixtape, my friends, The Backpack Kids, who I did this with gave me a safe place to be myself. There was no expectations. We just went in and did it because we love music. And we just love everything about it, so that's why I call it a labor of love."

Listen to JoJo's "new sound" here and let us know what you thnk of the video:

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