Robin Roberts Partner, Girlfriend Storm Sahara? Today Show's Jenna Wolfe, Stephanie Gosk 'Come Out' with Engagement, Baby News: Secret 'GMA' Wedding Next?

By Danica Bellini,Mstarz reporter | Mar 28, 2013 10:14 AM EDT
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While she remains very hush-hush about her personal love life, rumors have it that "Good Morning America" sweetheart Robin Roberts is currently dating a woman by the name of Storm Sahara - an independent film director and a prominent figure in the LGBT community. An inside source recently told Mstars that things have gotten pretty serious between the couple - they're already planning a secret, private wedding ceremony. Just this week (Wednesday, March 27), "Today Show" broadcaster Jenna Wolfe announced live on-the-air that she was in a romantic relationship with fellow NBC star Stephanie Gosk - the duo are currently engaged and expecting to give birth to a baby girl in August. Do readers think that Robins should follow in Wolfe's courageous footsteps - should she "come out" to fans and finally open up about her romantic partner and love life?


Robin Roberts Married to Partner Storm Sahara? Secret Gay Wedding Rumors Swirl, 'GMA' Anchor Hospitalized after Key West Vacation with Girlfriend? [PHOTOS] 

Storm Sahara, Robin Roberts Girlfriend PHOTOS, UPDATE: 'GMA' Host's Partner, Twitter Revealed? Tweets about the Fight for Love, Secret Wedding Soon? 

As Mstars originally reported:

Although Roberts remains very hush-hush about her love life ad sexual orientation, she has been romantically "linked" to former Czech American tennis player and coach Martina Navratilova as well as former Auburn University basketball coach Nell Fortner. But again, these are just RUMORS currently circulating on the web. Roberts never officially came out as being in a romantic relationship with either woman. Now reports have it that Roberts may be dating a fellow colleague at 'GMA' named Storm Sahara, but such rumors are hard to believe considering no valid information concerning this partner seems to exist. One report currently flying around on the web, with no reputable source to support such claims, insists: "It is no secret that Robin Roberts long time girlfriend is Storm Sahara, it's under wraps because of their 23 year age difference."

Now, Mstars has learned from an unidentified source that Roberts and Sahara are indeed a couple. In an email sent on Friday, March 22, the unnamed source claims. 

"I work closely with Robin Roberts on a daily basis, so yes I know a great deal about her and Storm Sahara. They are indeed extremely private but only because of Robin. Storm is known throughout the LGBT community. She's an independent film director - she also owns a few boutiques throughout North and South Carolina. Since [Mstars'] last month's publication, things have been very silent between those two. However, they are back together, and from what I know a date has been put in place for a private wedding."

The source continues:

"According to Robin there will be no family or coworkers involved. Kind of sad because I thought at least she would invite her Glam Squad or co-anchors. But this is their wish in agreement... 

...I admire Robin - she's a wonderful person with a big heart. They are a very beautiful couple, and I feel because of Robins' position she shouldn't be afraid to tell the world about her beautiful wife to be."

Although Roberts keeps her dating life very private, several other popular members of the news broadcasting community do not...

As Mstars reported on Wednesday (March 27), "Today Show" anchor Jenna Wolfe happily announced (live on-the-air) that she was in an openly gay relationship with fellow NBC foreign news correspondent Stephanie Gosk. The couple's engaged, and Wolfe's pregnant!

The 39-year-old TV personality recently opened up about her personal love life to People magazine - she's been dating her 40-year-old NBC colleague Gosk for the past three years. After the relationship got serious, the couple decided they wanted to start a family. They looked into different options, and ultimately decided that Wolfe would carry the child though artificial insemination with an anonymous donor. As Wolfe explains, "This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us... I didn't want to bring my daughter into a world where I'm not comfortable telling everyone who I am and who her mother is."

After her courageous battle with MDS and her powerful return to the set of "Good Morning America," should Roberts finally open up about her romantic life in support of gay rights?

No matter what her sexual orientation or what the rumors may entail, Roberts is a strong and motivational woman who has an extensive and loyal system of family, friends, and fans that will always be there for support. It's great to have her back on "GMA!" 

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