THE FOLLOWING Recap Episode 12 'The Curse' (SPOILERS) Episode 13 Preview Clip 'Havenport' [VIDEO] Does Roderick Get Caught?

By Jon Niles, Mstarz reporter | Apr 15, 2013 10:02 AM EDT
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Last week's episode of The Following definitely threw a lot of tension into the viewers' lives. Claire is reunited with Joey, but they are both in the custody of Joe Carroll. Ryan is dealing with losing so often to Carroll and even gets a phone call from the serial killer to help with "their novel." That's right, Joe's main problem this episode is his writer's block. But what does Emma do now that Claire is around? Also, Weston returns to active duty, but is he ready? (SPOILERS to follow)

So the FBI found the training facility and continues to uncover a lot of clues about Joe's followers and the movement in general. They even find a way to track down Joe's location. Joe figures this out and decides to take care of the problem himself. He brings Vince and Jacob, the latter of which has shown a lot of character progression towards "insane" in the last two episodes.

So Hardy and Parker (who coined "Carrollism" as the cult's religion) follow the lead to a mysterious location of militants. Unfortunately Joe, Vince and Jacob are there, too. This is where the show reaches a great climax, leading into the last three episodes of the season.

The leads are killed and Joe manages to get Weston (who had been off the chains the whole episode) into an isolation booth with viewing windows. Ryan can see whatever might happen, so he appeases Joe's desires to talk about Hardy's past.

Joe asks Ryan to discuss his father's death. In a series of flashbacks, we see what happened when Hardy's father was shot during a convenience store robbery. Joe is content with the information and escapes. But what Joe does not know, and what the audience gets to see in another flashback, is that a young Ryan Harder murdered his father's killer.

With that, the show closes with Roderick taking over his Sheriff duties and getting involved in the FBI's case. So where does that leave us for tonight's episode, "Havenport?"

This is the "Havenport" plot summary provided by FOX:

"The Havenport Police Department is brought onto the case and Roderick's role as sheriff is called into question, which leads him to make a shocking decision that threatens the safety of Joey. Meanwhile, Ryan goes against the FBI in hope of gaining the trust of one of Joe's followers."

Here are some preview clips of tonight's episode of The Following:

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