Storm Sahara, Robin Roberts Girlfriend PHOTOS, UPDATE: 'GMA' Host's Partner, Twitter Revealed? Tweets about the Fight for Love, Secret Wedding Soon?

By Danica Bellini,Mstarz reporter | Apr 15, 2013 09:33 AM EDT
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Rumors continue to swirl that "Good Morning America" sweetheart Robin Roberts is currently dating a woman by the name of Storm Sahara. An inside source recently confirmed with Mstars that the romantic partners have had many ups and downs, but that they have since rekindled a relationship and are even planning to tie the knot in a secret wedding ceremony sometime soon. A Twitter account associated with Storm Sahara claims that she's a New York City "boutique owner and master fashion stylist" - she's recently tweeted about life's battles dealing with love and pain. Do fans think this is the same Storm Sahara referring to girlfriend Robin Roberts?

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Here's some background on the alleged relationship between Roberts and Sahara (23 years her minor), as originally reported by Mstars:

An unnamed source who works closely with Roberts wrote in an exclusive email sent to Mstars on March 22:

"I work closely with Robin Roberts on a daily basis, so yes I know a great deal about her and Storm Sahara. They are indeed extremely private but only because of Robin. Storm is known throughout the LGBT community. She's an independent film director - she also owns a few boutiques throughout North and South Carolina. Since [Mstars'] last month's publication, things have been very silent between those two. However, they are back together, and from what I know a date has been put in place for a private wedding...

According to Robin, there will be no family or coworkers involved. Kind of sad because I thought at least she would invite her Glam Squad or co-anchors. But this is their wish in agreement... I admire Robin - she's a wonderful person with a big heart. They are a very beautiful couple, and I feel because of Robins' position she shouldn't be afraid to tell the world about her beautiful wife to be."

And according to an alleged inside source for the National Enquirer (in a story published back in February):

"Storm didn't want to be in the spotlight, and the rela­tionship soured. Robin was devastated, but understood why they broke up. Now that Robin has re­covered from her illness, she's going to try and get Storm back in her life... She realized over the course of her illness how much she truly loved Storm and vowed that if she made it through, she would not only rekindle their love - but she would ask Storm to marry her and have a gay wedding."

Apparently, the couple wasn't officially together during the time Roberts was recovering from her bone marrow transplant to treat myelodysplastic syn­drome (MDS), a rare blood disorder. But the romantic partners have since worked out their differences, and are indeed planning a "secret" wedding:

"Robin and Storm are back together and quietly planning their wedding," another sources reveals to RhymeswithSnitch. "Robin and Storm are planning a private wedding ceremony with just the two of them, no friends or family. A date has already been set, but no announcement will be made."

So after her brave battle with MDS, it looks like Roberts is ready to take that next big step in her romantic relationship with Sahara.

Although unconfirmed, here is an alleged picture of Storm Sahara:

Sources suggest that Sahara is an independent film maker and an avid supporter of the LGBT community. Sahara's Twitter page describes her as:

"Boutique Owner, Master Fashion Stylist. Creating habits to match my desires. #Fashion #Fashionist #Androgynous #Stylist #Celebrity #BossLady."

Sahara recently sent these love-inspired tweets out on Sunday, April 14:

@Storm_Sahara: "When you love someone past there pain. Together you have won. :-)"

‏@Storm_Sahara: "Sometimes it is best to walk away, and other times we must fight for what we want. Just don't fight alone."

If everything indeed adds up, it looks like Roberts and Sahara have a bright and exciting romantic future ahead of them!

Stay tuned with Mstars for the latest Robin Roberts and Storm Sahara wedding updates!


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