'Splash' ABC TV Show: Katherine Webb Leaves, Louie Anderson Returns to Replace Injured Contestant & Bows Out of Dive Off

By Lauren Cortez, MStars News | Apr 17, 2013 04:15 PM EDT
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"Splash" dives into a huge pool of drama, once again, on the April 16th episode of ABC's new reality TV show!

With only 6 contestants left in the celebrity diving competition, Katherine Webb, Nicole Eggert, Drake Bell, Brandi Chastain, Rory Bushfield, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar prepare to step it up a level in week 5 of "Splash" as they accept the challenge to dive or jump off of the 10-meter platform, which is three-stories high.

However, a twist of events occured in last night's episode, as former the "Miss Alabama" Katherine Webb announced that she would no longer be able to dive in the competition due to a back injury brought on by her flip in last week's competition. Therefore, the 400-pound comedian, Louie Anderson, (who was sent home on April 10th) was brought back into the competition to take the beauty queen's place.

"I went to the doctor and unfortunately he told me I'm out for the competition," Webb revealed at the beginning of the episode.

Her parents expanded on the severity of the injury by adding that Katherine practiced for this week's episode despite having a sore back from the rough landing the week before. Her father, Alan Webb said that his daughter hoped the pain would get better. "It didn't. It got worse." Her parents went on the explain that Splash is taped in advance and does not air live, and on the day before this week's episode was taped, Katherine performed a virtually perfect dive during practice. Unfortunately, her pain intensified immediately after the dive and she could not risk competing.

The show went on without the arguably "best looking" contestant, and her replacement, fan favorite Anderson, jumped off the platform feet-first, making the initial huge "splash" of Tuesday's episode.

"Ladies and gentlemen, we have super-Louie in front of us," said David Boudia, giving out a 7.5. Steve Foley added: "That's probably a world record. I don't know of any 400-pound person that's ever gone off the 10-meter platform."

Anderson quickly corrected him, saying he was now 399 pounds, as he accepted his score of 7 for his seemingly simple jump.

Drake Bell, actor and musician, followed Anderson with an impressive handstand dive that earned him an average score of 7.75, as he deservingly surpassed Louie's score.

Soccer star Brandi Chastain, took to the platform next. Starting out with solid form, the athlete wound up over-rotating at the end of her flip, causing her to almost land with a back flop into the water. She got an average of 4.75 from the judges, regardless of her technically challenging dive attempt (which caused viewers to criticize the judge's unfair scores once again).

Basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar provided more drama for the episode, as he nervously approached the high dive. He brought attention to the dangers of diving for a man of his age and extreme height, once again, then sprung off the board and created waves as he roughly landed in the water. Kareem had viewers gasping for air, as the short-of-breath b-ball player bobbed in the water following his dive. He shook it off minutes later and scored an average of 7.25, tying with Anderson.

Former "Baywatch" star Nicole Eggert was up next and nailed her impressive backflip, receiving an 8.5 from judges.

The final diver of the night, professional skier Rory Bushfield, followed Eggert's dive. He led off with an emotional story about how his wife previously died in a skiing accident (allowing viewers a glimpse into his personal life). Shortly after, he pulled off a skilled front flip from the 10m platform, ensuring him safety for next week.

Anderson, Abdul-Jabbar, and Chastain were the lowest-scoring divers of the night. The audience came into play to determine which contestant would join Chastain in the bottom two for a dive-off. The basketball player's near-death experience gave Kareem a slight "edge" in the competition, allowing him to escape the dive-off, leaving Chastain & Anderson in the bottom two.

Another shocker came in the final minutes of the episode as Anderson called the competition to a halt before starting the dive-off.

"You know, I really went further than I ever thought I could," he said. "And I know I have very little chance of winning this competition. And I am going home, and I am going to defer to Brandi, because she has a chance to win this competition."

Bowing out of the competition, the comedian gave the athlete the deserved opportunity to continue on in the competition (as she most likely would have been eliminated due to her lack of an emotional "sob story").

After Anderson respectfully stepped down, host Joey Lawrence pronounced: "Louie, you won our hearts the first time you took a dive, tonight you have our hearts forever."

A beautiful, cheesy ending wraps up an extremely dramatic episode of "Splash." Watch the competition get serious as the final five contestants compete in next week's episode on ABC.

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