Silicon Valley S03E03: Meinertzhagen’s Haversack Thomas Middleditch, TJ Miller Premiere Recap

By Jorge Solis ( | May 09, 2016 01:00 AM EDT
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From the comedic mind of Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head), Season 3 continues with the premiere of Silicon Valley on HBO. In Episode 2, will Erlich Bachman (T.J. Miller), Richard Hendriks (Thomas Middleditch), and the rest of the tech gang survive being Meinertzhagen's Haversack ?

Dinesh (Martin Starr) and Gilfoyle (Kumail Nanjiani) join Richard as they look at the storage at the servers spaces. One of them will have to be there for a year for maintenance. The three end up lost in a maze.

Richard talks with Jack Barker (Stephen Tobolowsky), who's more interested in his dead fish. Richard has to make his box, and then maybe his team can make the platform. Gilfoyle hands in his resignation. He continues to receive gifts for rejecting meetings.

Gilfoyle then mocks Dinesh for wearing a chain around his neck. Erich isn't too pleased with Richard that he's not including him in their plans. As a favor, Elrich meets with Barker, who has heard every complaint from the engineering team. 

Laurie (Suzanne Cryer) agrees with Richard and then gives Barker a angry call. Richard is then called into Barker's office. Barker doesn't want the platform; he wants the box. Laurie would have to fire Barker for him to change his mind. Richard learns from Monica that if Laurie fires two CEOs back-to-back; it show she has no leadership.  

Gilfoyle then meets with the hackers who tried to steal their algorithim. He learns that Endframe and Hooli have worked together to figure out the algorithm of the platform. Jared (Zach Woods) is even making fun of Dinesh for wearing the chain.

Knowing that there is a third option, Elrich wants Richard to make the platform. They would have to make the platform behind Barker's back. They would have to make a secret company within their own company. Dinesh is worried though, if they get caught, Barker can sell their stocks.

With Gilfoyle back on the team, they need more manpower but Carla rejects working for them. As the entire team works on a plan, they have to figure out a way to make Barker's box at the same time. Dinesh is in as long as everyone stops making fun of his gold chain.

Jared explains they have to make the box, keep complaining, and make fun of the chain. Back at work, Barker already knows about the secret company. Richard was so stupid by not shredding any of the papers. 

Readers, what did you think of Meinertzhagen's Haversack?

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