Person of Interest S05E06: A More Perfect Union Sarah Shahi, Amy Acker Premiere Recap

By Jorge Solis ( | May 24, 2016 01:00 AM EDT
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CBS airs the Season 5 premiere of Person of Interest. In Episode 6, A More Perfect Union, are Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) John Reese (Caviezel), Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) ready to fight the all-out war between Samaritan and The Machine?

As Shaw's heart races, she wakes up after another failed simulation. Mr. Greer (John Nolan) explains to Sameen that her friends are the real villains. Finch warns Reese that the new umber is in danger. Reese ends up at a bachelorette party filled with strippers and screaming women.

Avoiding Finch, Fusco (Kevin Chapman) continues his own investigation. As Finch crashes a wedding, he leaves Root in charge.  Reese gives Finch a list of suspects before they head off upstate. In Central Park, Greer tries to seduce Shaw into the dark side. Watching the protests around him, Reese realizes the father of the bride is getting death threats.

Reese and Finch have to make sure the wedding goes according to plan. The bride caught her fiancé making out the bridesmaid. Reese interrogates the photographer, who has been with the rich family for a long time. 

While Root writers down another number, Finch pretends to be Uncle Ralph. Finch has to pretend to speak with an Irish accent. Finch offers words of advice to the conflicted son-to-be husband. Root asks for the help of Fusco with her missing persons case.

Reese and Finch listen in on the father's phone call, realizing the groom is in more danger. During the wedding ceremony, Reese spots two hired hit-men as the couple says their I-dos. Mr. Greer tries to convince Shaw to turn to the dark side. 

Fusco has a confrontation with Bruce, who wants to know the mysterious entity everyone is talking about. The two find themselves teaming up. Root shows up with the photographer knocked out and the stolen camera in hand. 

Finch has to continues his Uncle Ralph persona and sing in front of a camera. Finch has to ing louder while Reese starts a fight. Finch gets a standing ovation after he finishes singing. Reese realizes the real target is the photographer.

As Team Machine searches for the photographer, she turns out to be the key witness in court. Fusco continues his investigation as Reese stops the hit. Root arrives on horse and stops the bride's sister. Root rides away on a horse with the photographer.

Shaw watches as Mr. Greer stops a terrorist threat. As Reese consoles the photographer, Root asks Finch for a dance. She knows the Machine cannot defeat Samaritan. Root wants to give the Machine the tools to fight with the team.

Finch realizes Root is lonely without Shaw. Reese has a drink with the others as they watch the Turner celebrate their last day of freedom. 

While Shaw meets with Samaritan, Fusco finds Bruce dead on the floor with the rest of the missing people. Fusco finds himself trapped in the demolition.

After Samaritan shows Shaw World War III, she must now make a choice. 

Readers, what did you think of A More Perfect Union?

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