Person of Interest S05E07: QSO Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson Finch/Reese Premiere Recap

By Jorge Solis ( | May 25, 2016 01:00 AM EDT
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CBS continues the Season 5 premiere of Person of Interest. In Episode 7, QSO, are Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), John Reese (Caviezel), Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) ready to fight the all-out war between Samaritan and The Machine?

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) finds himself bandaged up in the hospital. Root gives him his new identity and warns him about continuing his investigation. While Reese and Finch watch over the fallen comrade, Root dresses up as a ballerina to prevent an assassination. 

With Samaritan catching up, Root steals a device and continues with her new cover. The Machine has located Shaw at the institution, where she is drugged again. Shaw is staring at the radio before she passes out. 

During her radio interview, Root discusses Artificial Intelligence with the shock jock. As he shock jock gets a threatening call, Shaw takes down a nurse before getting caught. Shaw thinks she's still inside another simulation.

As Finch looks into a name, the shock jock wants to prove to the world that he is not crazy. The caller reveals that he is going to kill himself live on the air. Reese enters the caller's apartment and discovers he is already dead. 

Root traces the call and realizes the shock jock is talking to Samaritan. Knowing he picked up a secret code, Samaritan promises the shock jock that he is going to die. As Shaw prepares herself for another simulation, Reese realizes Root might need back-up.

Samaritan is faking the radio transmission as Root discovers she's trapped with the shock jock. As Root makes a run for it with the shock jock, Finch wants to stop her. Root believes she can send  message to Shaw. 

Finch warns Reese that Samaritan's agents are coming as he is about to reach the radio station. The nurse actually lets slip that Shaw isn't in the simulation. Shaw looks at her bloody hand and wonders what is real or not. 

Root uses the EMF Meter and talks to the Machine. Reese ends up getting to the shock jock before the other agents. Shaw is actually thinking about killing herself when Root makes a message to the Shaw. As Root is captured, Shaw lets herself get captured.

Root promises to give herself up as long as Samaritan takes her to Shaw. Reese turns off the signal and shoots the agent. Reese believes Root will get herself killed, but she got a message to Shaw. The shock jock though refuses to go on the run. 

Finch meets with Fusco and apologizes for not telling him anything. Fusco is done with Samaritan because he hasn't been given any respect. 

The shock jock reveals everything live on the air. His cup is poisoned by his co-worker. The Machine gave the shock jock free will and refused to take that away. 

Shaw has secretly found a way to break her locks. 

Readers, what did you think of QSO?

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