'Person of Interest' S05E08: Reassortment Root And Shaw, Reese & Finch Premiere Recap

By Jorge Solis (j.solis@mstarsnews.com) | May 25, 2016 02:00 AM EDT
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CBS continues the Season 5 premiere of Person of Interest. In Episode 8, Reassortment, are Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), John Reese (Caviezel), Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) and Root (Amy Acker) ready to fight the all-out war between Samaritan and The Machine?

Shaw beats the crap out of a nurse, cuts the wires to the door, and trips the alarms. The Samaritan agent discovers a hole in the wall, where Shaw has made her escape. 

As Reese follows his number, Root and Finch realize the Machine has failed to win a simulation against Samaritan. Reese finds himself in a room full of sick people, along with his number. While Reese wonders why he's following his number, Jeff is on a date with his high school ex. 

Fusco (Kevin Chapman) reveals to Elias (Enrico Colantoni) that Bruce is dead. The two form a truce to find the truth. Reese's number collapses onto the floor as his heart suddenly stops. Shaw punches through the wall and finds herself in a prison in Johannesburg.

Reese puts the hospital in lockdown as Finch shows up to help. Fusco talks with Elias' contact to get info on a missing truck and driver. Fusco recognizes the face of Jeff and tracks down his number. Jeffrey is having doubts working for Samaritan. He wants to know who exactly he's working for. 

Jeffrey has to take one more job before he can quit. The doctors warn Reese that this is an aggressive flu virus that they have never seen before. As the news of an outbreak hits the television screens, Reese has to control the situation. 

Now the  people in the waiting room are getting sock and coughing. Reese realizes he is sitting at the center of ground zero. Back at the prison, Shaw knocks out the guards and continues the escape. The patients are getting scared as they watch themselves onto the news.

As the crowd becomes restless, Jeffrey finds two syringes waiting for him.Jeffrey is supposed to kill someone during the quarantine. Fusco finds Jeffrey's car in the parking lot of the quarantine. Finch and Root realize Samaritan has created the super flu.

After one too many simulations, Shaw realizes she been killing innocent lives in real life. Shaw ends up shooting down Greer's right-hand man. Jeffrey is supposed kill the doctors with his syringes. Jeffrey has to continue the mission or else he goes back to jail.

With the loss of the anti-virals, Finch finds himself in a standoff with a madman. After Bear attacks the madmen, the Machine is working on a cure. After Reese spots Jeffrey, Fusco takes him down but gets stabbed with the syringe. Reese takes a shot after Jeffrey stabs both nurses in the process.

As Samaritan protects Jeffrey, the CDC has arrived to save the day. Root arrives with the vaccine. Fusco has been reassigned and has a new partner. 

Finch argues with Elias about putting Fusco in the crossfire. Elias warns Finch that he is the darkest of them all. 

Shaw drives out of the prison to freedom. 

Readers, what did you think of Reassortment?

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