Jon Snow Parents: HBO Clarifies 'Game of Thrones' Season 6 Finale SPOILERS!

By Victoria Guerra | Jul 01, 2016 04:11 PM EDT
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Last Sunday, fans of Game of Thrones saw perhaps the most popular theory from the show and books confirmed: Jon Snow (Kit Harington) is, in fact, Lyanna Stark's son. While the Season 6 finale "The Winds of Winter" showed Lyanna handing her brother Ned a baby boy, there were still doubts regarding who the father was -- but HBO just released a family tree with the Lord Commander's royal lineage.

Just to settle matters once and for all and put the L+R=J theory to rest, HBO released a complicated-looking infographic of the main cast of the show, and how it looks now that we know who Jon's mother really is.

Through the HBO site Making Game of Thrones, the show released this helpful guide regarding who's related to whom in the series. And in case the whole bunch of lines look confusing to you, here's the meat in the entire thing: there's a "parent" line between Rhaegar Targaryen and Jon Snow.

So that settles it.

After the last episode of GoT finally revealed that Jon Snow was in fact the son of Lyanna Stark (Aisling Franciosi), there was still some doubt as to who the father was, and there even some who thought it was either Robert Baratheon's son or a product of incest between Lyanna and Ned.

The first one is unlikely because Lyanna tells Ned that Robert would kill him (probably the baby) and as far as the second theory is concerned -- doesn't this show have enough brother-sister incest as it is?


One mystery that does remain from Jon's history, however, revolves around his mother's words to her brother. When Lyanna Stark is dying after giving birth to the baby who would become Lord Commander of the Night's Watch, Ned (Robert Aramayo) leans in to her and she whispers something, but only bits are heard, including how Robert would kill him if he knew.

Some are saying she may have said her child's actual chosen name, and it's nowhere as generic as "Jon Snow."

Redditor sparkledavisjr spent hours rewatching "The Winds of Winter" after the episode ended, studying the scene of the big reveal and trying to study what words exactly did Lyanna utter.

"Lyanna starts by whispering 'His name is', and then what follows appears to be a three syllable word that appears to start with a J. I'm not a great lip-reader, but I'm fairly certain what she says is Jaehaerys. The name is not included in the captions, probably on purpose," the redditor writes.

If this is true, Jon would in fact be named after one of his Targaryen ancestors, his great-grandfather Jaenerys the Wise, who, among other things, expanded the Night's Watch.

It only took Game of Thrones six full seasons to reveal who Jon Snow's parents were, so we shouldn't get our hopes too high regarding the quick revelation of his real name.

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