Usain Bolt and Andre De Grasse's Smiles at Olympic Race Finish Line: A Display of Friendship?

By Aberdeen Soleil | Aug 19, 2016 05:11 PM EDT
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The smile that three-time gold-medalist Usain Bolt flashed at Andre De Grasse in the Rio 2016 Olympic race made the public speculate on whether they share a special bond. Some go as far as to say that there's an inkling of "bromance" in the way they regard each other. The seemingly beams of happiness made the race special but there is more to it than meets the eye.

Usain Bolt, who once again championed in the Rio Olympics following his Beijing and London win, was in fact, annoyed. Yes, annoyed! The smiles which they supposedly shared is one of a smirk on Bolt's part and a sheepish one of De Grasse. The proud Olympian who was used to winning didn't plan on failing, especially at this time when he is nearing the end of his career. When a reporter asked him about their finish, he grumpily answered, "There was no reason to run that fast."

He is planning to retire next year and he expended all that he had to get the gold again. The 19.78 seconds finish proved this. De Grasse won silver as he came next at 19.80.

Called the fastest man on earth at present, Usain Bolt boldly also said, "I've proven to the world I'm the greatest. This is what I came here for. That's what I'm doing. This is why I said this is my last Olympics - I can't prove anything else...What else can I do to prove to the world I am the greatest? I am trying to be one of the greatest. Be among [Muhammad] Ali and Pelé. I hope to be in that bracket after these Games."

The 21-year old De Grasse admitted to this when he commented that, "I was ready to try to challenge [Bolt] and he just ran away from me and I couldn't catch him. It is what it is."

Aside from the fact that he won the gold a number of times, Bolt is also patriotic. A video shared back in 2012 that has gone viral served as a wake-up call and a reminder to everyone. When a reporter was interviewing him about his (then) recent win, she didn't expect Bolt to stop her and turn to the national anthem being played. The reported and her cameraman waited with him until it was finished.

What a champion role model indeed.

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