WWE No Mercy 2016 Results Here, New Champion Crowned!

By Dean Edward Carayag | Oct 10, 2016 10:11 AM EDT
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WWE No Mercy had everyone's toes hurting, because every fan was on the edge of their seats throughout this whole pay per view. Delivering huge surprises and spectacular action packed matches, WWE Smackdown continues to show why they are the better brand in WWE right now. 

Here are the results according to WWE: 

The Hype Bros, & American Alpha defeated The Ascension & The Vaudevillians 

The kickoff show was not so big. Asides the quirky promo of new Smackdown signee, Curt Hawkins and his "Chuck Norris facts" gimmick, this huge tag team match was something it was expected to be. Baby face tag teams beating the heels with their athleticism. 

WWE World Championship AJ Styles retains his title against John Cena and Dean Ambrose

This came in as a huge surprise for the fans that a main event worthy match is placed on the start of the pay per view. Daniel Bryan did mention in Talking Smack after No Mercy that this was done so that fans can watch the main event at once instead of waiting for it till the very end. It is unsure if they're going to continue this further on, but it was clear that fans had mixed feelings about this.

According to Forbes, no one was a straight up fan for Dean Ambrose that night. People did expect either John Cena to win because of the possibility of him making a record like Ric Flair. AJ Styles did win this match with controversy. AJ Styles tapped out with both Dean Ambrose and John Cena giving AJ styles a submission hold. The referee called to restart the match and eventually AJ Styles picks up the victory. 

Nikki Bella defeated Carmella 

After weeks of being attacked behind the back, Nikki Bella finally redeemed herself and defeated The Princess of Staten Island. It was cleanly won match, and looks like this rivalry is close to being over. 

Smackdown Tag Team Championships Heath Slater & Rhyno defeated The Usos 

Heath Slater and Rhyno were completely put over this match. The audience was very much behind  Heath with "I got Kids" chants. Eventually both Usos got Gored by Rhyno and this picks up the win and retains the Tag Team Titles. 

Baron Corbin defeated Jack Swagger

In the Smackdown before No Mercy, Jack Swagger won with a mistake from the referee thinking that Baron tapped out. Baron Corbin however delivered a controversial win of his own by poking Jack Swagger on the eye and winning after delivering the End of Days. 

Intercontinental Championship Dolph Ziggler defeated The Miz 

No doubt that this was definitely the match of the night. The build up to this match was definitely a masterpiece. Ziggler's social media seemed he was prepared to leave WWE. WWE's website would post the Top 10 list of exiting Superstars. It really felt like Dolph Ziggler was going to lose.

Despite of The Miz's efforts to cheat to win, for example when his wife Maryse sprayed on Ziggler again and calling out The Spirit Squad to distract the referee, it wasn't enough to put The Showoff down. After one legendary Super Kick, Dolph Ziggler has won not only the match to save his life, but the match that saved the Intercontinental Champion. 

Naomi defeated Alexa Bliss

Becky Lynch has been recently brought the hospital so she couldn't make it to her match against Alexa Bliss that night. Naomi ought to challenge the number one contender and did quick work against Alexa. 

Bray Wyatt defeated Randy Orton

Finally a win from Bray. The match felt so even at some point it was already hard to tell to which mind gamer had the upper hand. All this tension ended as Luke Harper makes his return to distract Randy enough for Bray to land Sister Abigail giving Bray Wyatt the win. 

No Mercy was definitely a simple yet very satisfying pay per view, especially with Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz knowing how much the audience have invested emotionally on this match. Truly, this No Mercy is one for the history books of wrestling. 

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