A "Captain Planet" Movie to be produced by Leonardo DiCaprio: Plot spoiler

By Nichole Ann Kholoma | Oct 19, 2016 07:34 AM EDT
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The 90's was a melting pot of unforgettable cartoons. One of them was the popular shiny Hero with the iconic green mullet who fought for the environment "Captain Planet".

There is no doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio has a reputation for being a passionate environmentalist. The Academy award winning Actor have built a foundation that is dedicated to the long-term health and well being of all Earth's inhabitants, This is called the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Leonardo has even released a documentary "The 11th Hour" (2007) and is soon to release a new one called "Before The Flood" on October 21, 2016 according to Vanity Fair.

The source also says that Jono Matt and actor Glen Powell from Scream Queens and The Expendables 3 are to write the script for the Captain Planet movie and are to make an on-screen appearance. This says that the film would be a live action as it is also said in Inverse.

The plot setting is reported to be on planet Earth years after the time depicted on the show, when Captain Planet is no longer the shiny hero he used to be. He's fallen from grace, a "washed-up has-been who needs the kids more than they need him". Cartoon fans are speculating whether DiCaprio would be in the movie in hopes of being Captain Planet himself or (to some) one of the dastardly polluting villains of the former cartoon that played on Cartoon Network, wouldn't that be awesome?

The show was about these five kids from all around the world, they were called the Planeteers. Kwame, Wheeler, Gi, Ma-Ti and Linka were each given powerful rings that controlled earth, fire, water, wind and heart by Gaia, goddess of the Earth. And when their powers combined, it summons the hero that usually saves the day Captain Planet.

Captain Planet first aired on September 15, 1990 and since the it has done its mission teaching children the importance of keeping our only planet safe. In Captain Planet's own immortal words, "The power is yours!"

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