NBA coach Phil Jackson, adheres to Knicks' plan

By Marshia Garcia | Nov 22, 2016 12:49 AM EST
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Phil Jackson won't leave the court on a cliff-hanger. Basketball fans don't have to worry for he would stay and keep the fire burning. Everyone won't miss be missing him for he would surely stay and continue to captivate you with his biting style.

In a wide-range interview with ESPN-Jackie MacMullan, the New York Knicks' boss has vividly announced a very important affirmation. He said that after this season, he was not interested to exercise the opt-out clause in his contract, the NBA News cited.

The Knicks had been stamped and had gotten hard on which had impressed him as their boss (like most everyone). When Knicks had stamped with the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers, what Jackson has learned about Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, the present state of his former team (the Lakers) and what it would be like for rivals like Gregg Popovic and Pat Riley has, will be answered.

Here are some of the highlights from the Phil Jackson Q&A, including the perusal he has been through:

Jackie MacMullan: When you have taken over the Knicks, you have been into impediments that has been different for you. In your journey as a coach, you have been beyond reach. How have you manage the hard knocks?

Phil Jackson: As a coach, I knew the limitations of what would it take and on the years to come on the series of plays against the Knicks. In fact, I could recall all the barbs and the sneers along with it. To handle all of those, is just to stick and hold on to my beliefs. One thing is, I would be able to say "whatever". Undergoing the process is what I was hired and signed up to do. As of now, what has been planned must be followed, I'm going to pursue it. If the plan wouldn't work, then it would be apparent.

JM: After this season, you have an opt-out clause in your contract, are you planning to exercise it?

PJ: I have not think seriously about it. I'm concentrating for Knicks team to regain from its situation where they have been competitive. A question crosses into my mind, asking myself if it requires me to win in a championship to have felt that I have totally done the task that I have been asked to perform. To bring back the glory of the group to its level of competitiveness is what I have been asked to do. But then I realized that the answer is a big "NO", I don't have to. Why? For the reason that we have started to make progress. In fact, I like a lot of the things we are doing here. However, we've got to do more. ''

When he was asked what he has learned about Carmelo:

JM: Since you have got in the NBA world, what have you learned about Carmelo Anthony?

PJ: Carmelo loves communication. He likes to establish a relationship. I have worked with a number of players and so far they were fine with player-coach relationship. A relationship which involved support like asking how they feel and a kind of stuff that would show care and concern. That is what all the big basketball stars Shaq and Kobe wanted or needed. The players were busy as bee. I was not the type of person who would ask them to go out and have a dinner. However, with Melo, I do. We do it not because I have like it much, but due to the fact that Melo likes that part when the player-coach bond.

JM: When you go out, what do you usually talk about?

PJ: His activism is what I like from him. He shows willingness to be an activist. I talk with him on how to express activism on a particular way. I had a feeling that it can be rough if it's not done the appropriate way. Yet it would be somewhat unpleasant if it would be activism. On the other hand, to be an activist has become a trend- that's a fact.

During our conversation, I informed Carmelo about whom I know from LA named Snoop Dogg. I told Carmelo on how Dogg approached his community. Snoop Dogg spoke to the cadets during police graduations in L.A., the road we meet rubbers in our lives. It's not just plainly about race, culture and color. It deals more on the atmosphere in the community. I could sense Carmelo could have a legitimate voice in that way. I am not here to reinforce him. I'm just here to give some injunctions.

When the coach was asked which teams impressed him:

JM: Among the NBA teams, which teams impress you?

PJ: Golden State of course, the team plays with teamwork. They work as one, it is apparent every time the team plays. The people's fascination is observed especially on how they move the ball. The way they move themselves is very impressive. The team has created passing lanes. They know its way out to penetrate and drive away opponents. How they hit the open man, is quite a skill. Moreover, they set picks. Though they get a little wild, Steve Kerr is always there to monitor that everyone is in their respective lanes. The coach is really good with a superb command. It is essential that you have that feel for basketball.

PJ: On the other hand, Cleveland is getting better. They do good as they work as a team. They have resiliency on their defenses. On the defensive end, each players would take responsibilities. However, there are times that the ball still gets stuck. In addition, not all of them everyone has a purpose. Each of them has roles to play, yet some do not feel like they are part of the show. What I love to see is that all the five members of the team should be involved in the game.

Whereas, San Antonio pursues doing the best that they could do. Running their system has always been San Antonio's concern. I believe this would include a lot of things, for over five years Pop and I have toiled and bend over with each other.

Regarding Pat Riley:

JM: Contemporaries like Popovich, Pat Riley and You, are the most respected coaches of your times. What keeps Riley apart?

PJ: What Pat wants to do, he do it with a terrific sense. As a president now, I have to read and disclose all this stuff about the league. However, customarily it's been delete, delete, delete, that is what I have observed earlier. On Pat and D-Wade's (Dwyane Wade) communication, I have heed that there was something broke down the other day. I was puzzled about it. It was unexpected.

JM: LeBron has started it all when he left, right? Have it crossed into your mind if Earvin Johnson would leave Riley, or have you ever visualized that Michael Jordan would leave you?

PJ: When they lost LeBron, I knew that it hurt. It felt like a painful slap has landed on the face. However, what came out of that were many little things. During the time when LeBron has played play with the Heat, he wanted to squander the night with Cleveland. Overnights were not practiced there. It was a big no to teams as well. Thus, Erik Spoelstra (coach) has sent a message to Riley and ask if what he can do with the situation. The iron-fist coach, Pat, just simply answered that Spoeltstra was on the plane and it is his duty manage and control any players in the team. To hold up a team is quite an act of being irresponsible, just for having fun or fooling around the whole night in Cleveland, according to Daily News.

I do looked up Pat and has always thought of him having a nice sensibility with his players. However, where it broke down, has become a notion that something happened there. Special treatment is what I know that LeBron likes about. The basketball stars needs things his way.

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