'Nocturnal Animals' Star Isla Fisher Returns As Gloria In 'The Wedding Crashers 2'

By Marshia Garcia | Nov 22, 2016 04:20 AM EST
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British-Australian actress Isla Fisher has made a sound that buzzed the latest movie craze as she teased that "Wedding Crashers 2" would hit the cinemas soon. Fisher has rocked the movie screen way back in 2005 when she portrayed the stunning role Gloria in the film "Wedding Crashers". It has become universally popular.

The gleeful and humorous film has already been 11 years since it was launched. It has been noted that some of the popular lines in the movie are still commonly applied at present. It has become an expression of today's generation, which simply means that those lines has marked into the minds of the viewers. It just proved that certainly it was a big hit, as stated in the Hall of Fame Magazine.

The plot of the story has been recalled and surely Popsugar has reminisced every single plot from the exposition, climax up to its denouement. The focal point of the story is on best friends. It revolves around on the friend's main hobby which was to come to wedding ceremonies without any invitations. In other words, they were uninvited. Thus, it has resorted to comical situations with the integration of the effective, powerful and eminent lines.

Rachel McAdams' character as Claire had its first influential line when she got an advice. The line was, "It's gonna be fine. Your whole life is gonna be fine." The line was strangely given to her, wherein supposedly it was to be told to a nervous bride, not to her who was only the maid of honor. Thus, such influential line made the movie so hilarious.

The movie has also become popular for the reason that it featured undistinguished actors. It has been perceived that from the movie "Wedding Crashers", Bradley Cooper and Isla Fisher got their break into Hollywood which led to their stardom.

When the actress guested on the "Today" show to promote her newest movie "Nocturnal Animals", she has been asked about the Wedding Crashers 2. Fischer then talked that often she was being mistaken as McAdams, the actress co-star in the film. She iterated that there would be a possibility of a sequel of her old movie.

Fisher has disclosed a prank that has failed which involved McAdams. The British-Australian actress said that one Christmas, an idea popped out into her mind when she made her family's greeting cards. She had cut out a picture of her co-star McAdams, the former "Mean Girls" actress and placed the cut out picture over her own.

Unluckily, her joke was not noticed and those who got the greeting cards assumed that the picture was Fisher. An exclusive interview of the mishap was shared in HotNewHipHop. The incident was ridiculous to think. The two has played sisters in the iconic "Wedding Crashers". They reunited as they worked together in the film "Nocturnal Animals. When Fisher was asked to confirm about a possible sequel to the comedy, she said that co-star Vince Vaughn and herself saw each other recently.

One of original film's writer Vaughn, has told the actress that they might work on a sequel. Fisher then enthused with excitement has said that she was thrilled to see what would happen to Gloria. Though, the actress had pointed out that the deal was not yet done. The stunning lead star stated that it would be fun to do the anticipated project, according to Maxim.

It would be a potential thing to look forward to as another big hit for the undistinguished actors that they have launched before are now the prominent stars of today. Definitely, "Wedding Crashers 2" would have more powerful lines that would mark the viewers' mind if producers would greenlight the prospected film.

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