UFO Sighting: ‘Alien Spaceship’ Spotted Whizzing Past Supermoon [Video]

By Cristina Limpiada | Nov 26, 2016 08:19 PM EST
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UFO Sighting of the alien spaceship was reportedly seen whizzing past the Supermoon hours. A video shows the said appearance of the allegedly alien spaceship which shocks the people.

According to Science World Report, it was a two in one sighting at a time. Because as the people waited for the centuries' biggest Supermoon all over the globe, a new video earned lots of reactions for a UFO that was spotted speeding past the Supermoon.

The said controversial video was uploaded by a US citizen David McCarthy in Youtube, as per Daily Star. After the video has been uploaded it had sparked a debate about the existence of the alien spaceship.

"That November 2016 Beaver moon, the Supermoon was recorded the largest Supermoon since 1948," David explains. He also added, "I thought this would be a special thing to film but when I was reviewing on the video in a matter of full screen, I have noticed something more impressive."

David further explains, "I had caught a 'UFO' passing in front of the Supermoon! Watch carefully at exactly 00:51 and pause for it to see it pass along the bottom of its lunar disc."

Eventually, even though it's not yet proven to be true, the video got the eyes of the curious people over the UFO sighting of the alien spaceship. Currently, the Youtube video earned 48,000 views and earned popularity and awareness.

On top of this, alien conspiracy theorists claim that this video footage was indeed a prove of extraterrestrials life. Additionally, the theorists insist that there are really life and residents on the moon. On the other hand, there are still some who are against the belief and the video and claims that this is only an optical illusion.

Meanwhile, some viewers commented that they are convinced that what was shown in the video was really a UFO sighting of the alien spaceship. Furthermore, a viewer named Kaun Australis said, "This was such an amazing clip! The moonlight seems to follow the UFO as it passes over the edge! I have never seen anything like this thing! It's very unusual."

There are several other videos which show UFO sightings of alien spaceship were posted showing the UFO over the Moon. These mere videos lead to more speculations that aliens really exist and visit the Earth frequently.

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