Survivor 2013 Recap: Season 26 'Caramoan' Episode 11 'Come Over to the Dark Side' Results, Last Week’s Hero Sent Packing At Tribal Council

By Andrew Meola | Apr 25, 2013 11:30 AM EDT
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After the dramatic and shocking tribal council in Episode 10, things settled down a bit in the 11th episode of Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites on Wednesday.

Last week's hero, Malcolm, met his end at the tribal council and became the third member of the jury. Malcolm and his allies had played three Immunity Idols at the previous tribal council but he had no way to stave off elimination this time.

In lieu of a Reward Challenge, the contestants participated in a Survivor Auction in which they spent $500 in cash on food items and challenge advantages. Here's how the contestants spent their money and what they received:

Malcolm: $20 for beer, $480 for clue to Hidden Immunity Idol

Reynold: $180 for a slice of pizza

Sherri: $500 for the rest of Reynold's pizza

Dawn: $500 for roasted chicken

Cochran: $340 for advantage at Immunity Challenge

Andrea: $280 for pasta and wine, which she is forced to trade back for rice and beans for the tribe

Brenda: $300 for a pig's brain

Eddie: Bowl of peanut butter shared with whole tribe for 60 seconds

The Immunity Challenge featured a rope with several knots on it attached to a heavy log. The contestants stood on a platform and held onto the rope with one hand at the knot closest to the log. Every five minutes, they switched hands and moved one knot further away, which increased the weight of the log in their hand. Whoever held onto the rope longest would win.

Cochran's advantage that he purchased at the auction allowed him, at any point, to move two knots closer to the starting point to decrease the weight. He did so at the first available opportunity to maximize his time holding the lightest weight possible and won the challenge.

Prior to Tribal Council, Andrea followed Malcolm all day to prevent him from finding the Hidden Immunity Idol, which he failed to do. Malcolm tried to convince Sherri to join his "Three Amigos" alliance with Eddie and Reynold. Eddie, meanwhile, worked on Erik, and both he and Sherri seemed unsure of how to vote at the council.

But when the time came, neither one flipped. The alliances held and Andrea, Malcolm and Reynold each received three votes apiece. Malcolm received all six of the re-votes, was eliminated from the show and joined the jury.

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