How to gain back your shape, learn these tips and tricks to shed off that holiday weight gain

By R.A. Jayme | Jan 03, 2017 11:49 AM EST
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We know and we have all been there. Many worked hard to stay in shape for the year and here comes the tempting year-end holiday season for it comes with all the reunion, eating, dining out and drinking. Three weeks of vacation can lead everyone astray from their diet as we are surrounded by family and friends who love to cook and eat. But worry no more as we have gathered some of the most effective ways to regain back your shape and lose all those extra holiday pounds.

As said by, be reminded that these not guarantee you to lose weight immediately without the help of exercise, healthy diet and determination. So here are some helpful tips that could be applied for the rest of the year.

1. Detox, detox and detox

We all know that cleansing supplements such as powdered greens and pills can be expensive. We can save that money just by avoiding alcohol for a month or so to give your liver a vacation. Instead, replace that booze and beer with green tea, lime water and lots of water.

2. Avoid dining out

It is the time to go out to your grocery store and make healthy choices as to what to cook for yourself. Dining out may temp you to order those greasy burgers, fatty steaks and extra sweet milkshakes. Aside from the perks of advancing your cooking skill, you can have a short exercise by walking a few blocks to that grocery store selling organic ingredients and food supplies.

3. Follow your exercise routine

Yes, the 'lying-in-bed-all-day' day is gone. It is time for a wakeup call to put you in your gym shoes. A 5-20 minute workout will not only have you ready for the bikini season, but will also make your endurance last longer. It simply means that exercising will wash out that sleepy-feeling and makes you more energetic for your job.

4. Go to bed hungry

It should be emphasized that it is hungry, not starving. As the saying goes, "Eat like a prince on breakfast, like a middleclass on lunch and like a pauper on dinner."

Chatelaine believes that right before bed is the only time it's ever okay to be hungry. You need to keep your appetite "satisfied," not "full," throughout the day in order to provide energy. This strategy also keeps you from losing control of your appetite later on in the evening and engaging in "night-eating syndrome," according to Medical Daily.

5. Be patient
Losing weight does not happen overnight. Staying fit takes a lot of dedication, discipline and patience. The result may only show after a few weeks or even months. Just remember, all hard work will pay off. Thus, many will appreciate your bikini body when you take that Turks & Caicos vacation this upcoming summer.

Watch these easy, 7-minute work out video below:

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