'Justice League' 2017 Movie to Feature Green Lantern But It's Not Hal Jordan or Jon Stewart

By Jee Ann Guibone | Feb 28, 2017 11:06 PM EST
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"Justice League" will come out this 2017, but aside from Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, and Cyborg, a Green Lantern will apparently make a cameo. There's still no news which member of the Green Lantern Corps this might be, but rumor is it will be someone with a funny-sounding name. That could mean that fans won't be seeing Hal Jordan in the 2017 film.

When the "Justice League" trailer was revealed last year, people were excited to see iconic superhero members like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Batman, the Flash, and Cyborg. Even without his cameo on the trailer, Superman will also be in the film. Fans also wanted to know whether other DC superheroes will appear. According to Umberto Gonzalez's periscope video, one Green Lantern will make a cameo in the film, but it won't be a human one. Gonzalez writes for The Wrap and Heroic Hollywood.

Around the 21:00 mark on his periscope video, Gonzalez said that the "Justice League" movie will feature a Green Lantern with a strange-sounding name. "Yes, there is a Green Lantern in Justice League, but I forgot how to pronounce him," he said. This means that the Green Lantern to appear might be one of the following: Abin Sur, Tomar-Re, Jediah Caul, Soranik Natu, or Katma Tui.

The last two Green Lantern Corps members have already made cameos before. Gonzalez said that the "Justice League" Green Lantern wouldn't be Kilowog, so fans are betting that it could be Abin Sur. It would make the most sense since Abin Sur was the one who gave Hal Jordan the Green Lantern ring. After all, it was Hal who found a dying Abin Sur.

The most likely appearance of this Green Lantern member could be in the "Justice League" post-credits, where Abin Sur crashes on earth and then makes Hal Jordan take a vow to become Green Lantern. According to Inverse, the DCEU will release a "Green Lantern" movie in 2020, starring Hal Jordan and John Stewart. A Green Lantern cameo would be a good way to show fans that they will indeed see another Justice League original member.

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