Gigi Hadid Weight Loss: Model Turn To Liquid Diet To Be In And Accepted? [DETAILS HERE]

By Catherine Martin | Mar 01, 2017 09:57 PM EST
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Gigi Hadid has graced the runway for several occasions. Unfortunately, reports have it that her curves are taken against her, so she turned to a liquid diet to be skinny and be in.

Bella Hadid's sister is beautiful and yes, sexy in her own ways. While many are jealous with Gigi Hadid's figure, the celebrity is still not settled with her frame and even resolved to a liquid diet to lose weight more and be skinny. Gigi reportedly did this to be in and be accepted in the fashion world where she's been part of for years already.

"Gigi's totally caved to the pressure to be rail thin on catwalks," an insider said per Hollywood Take. "Other models had always been very rude to her because she was more curvaceous and she felt out of place. Gigi decided a draconian, all-liquid diet was the key to acceptance in the fashion world."

Gigi Hadid's liquid diet only includes a vegetable smoothie for breakfast, a protein shake for lunch and no solid food after 2 p.m. Gigi's mom also recognized how her daughters go extreme to stay in shape.

Fans are reportedly worried over Gigi Hadid's weight loss. However, the model revealed that her metabolism has changed after taking a medication for thyroid disease. She added that she has no plans on losing more weight and blamed the meds for her skinnier figure.

Gigi Hadid even shared her mantra of eating clean to stay fit and eating burger to stay sane. Hadid has no plans of going overboard to be skinny because it is not something she had on her mind. Thus, the liquid diet to be accepted should be taken with skepticism.

"When I walked into IMG, my one thing was like, 'I'll be fit. I've always been an athlete my whole life but there's one thing I will not do even if it means turning away a dream of mine and that is to be too thin," Gigi Hadid told Elle.

What's your take on the rumors of Gigi Hadid's liquid diet? Does the model need to do this to be in or is this just another gossip involving the model? Drop a comment below.

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