‘One Piece’ Chapter 858 Spoilers: Who is Gang Bege and Why is He an Unlikely Straw Hat Ally?

By Staff Writer (staff@mstarsnews.com) | Mar 04, 2017 01:36 AM EST
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Following the events that went down in "One Piece" Chapter 857, fans are now searching for answers. The latest "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers suggest that he is the person who can help Luffy and the others defeat Big Mom. However, some critics and fans are against the idea.

For starters, Gang Bege is one of the people who has been shipped to marry one of Big Mom's daughters, Charlotte Chiffon. According to Wikia, he is also one of the members of the "Worst Generation," 12 pirates who are disdained by the world. "One Piece" Chapter 858" spoilers suggest that he may be an unlikely ally for Luffy and the other Straw Hats.

Enstarz notes that Bege has some qualities that the Straw Hats may not be pleased with. He was once cruel and very bloodthirsty. In fact, Bege likes to kill animals when he feels bored. "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers hint that this characteristic of Bege may not sit well with Luffy and his team.

Bege is the captain of the Firetank Pirates. A few details about Bege's personality were unveiled in the previous chapter. So, why does Jinbei think that he is a good ally for the Straw Hats and what made Luffy agree with Jinbei easily? "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers suggest that Luffy trusts Jinbei's insights a lot.

As fans know, Jinbei was the one who woke Luffy up to his senses after the death of Ace. Since then, Luffy appears to have discovered the insightful and wise side of Jinbei. However, other "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers hint on Bege potentially betraying Luffy and his team.

Meanwhile, it is also speculated that Sanji will push through with the wedding. "One Piece" Chapter 858 spoilers from Mobi Picker suggest that he will still go to the wedding ceremony site but he will wait for his friends to start wreaking havoc before he joins in. If this happens, fans can expect Big Mom to explode in anger.

"One Piece" Chapter 858 is expected to be released sometime next week. Stay tuned for more "One Piece" spoilers and updates.

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