‘Dragon Ball Super’ Spoilers: Toppo Challenges Goku; Losing Universes Could Still Be Saved

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 08, 2017 08:35 AM EST
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Goku will be up against a very powerful opponent in "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 in a surprise match unrelated to the Tournament of Power. Meanwhile, there are theories floating around suggesting how the Universe Survival arc could end. Given the rather severe punishment outlined in the tournament rules, there are two ways how Goku may save losing universes from being permanently erased.

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 spoilers suggest a powerful opponent that will challenge him to a fight. In the previous episode, Goku ended up victorious against Universe 9's strongest fighter Bergamo the crusher. However, due to Bergamo's speech, the other universes harbor a deep hatred against Goku, which is completely understandable since it was his selfish desire to fight the strongest fighters that puts all the universes at risk of being erased by the Omni-Kings.

Toppo will challenge Goku in the coming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 thinking that only an evil person could place his selfish desires of having a good fight above the welfare of billions of living things. The upcoming fight is predicted to be an epic match. According to GamesnAnime, he is one tough customer and an opponent Goku needs to watch out. He was the black-hooded figure seen in the fight between Basil and Majin Buu who easily absorbed Basil's stray energy ball deflected by Buu. In addition, there are talks that Toppo is groomed to be the next God of Destruction in their universe which hints of the level of power that the fighter possess.

Meanwhile, fans are a bit concerned what happens when the Universe Survival arc is over. With the threat of annihilation on a universal level, fans have come up with theories on where the arc could be heading. And if their speculations are correct, Goku just might end up saving the losing "Dragon Ball Super" universes.

There are two ways that this could happen, according to these "Dragon Ball Super" speculations. It is possible that Goku could intervene behalf of the losing universes and ask from the Zenos for some leniency on their punishment, BlastingNews reported. Another possibility is that the losing universes will definitely be erased but the winning team, which is expected to be Universe 7, will then use the Super Dragon Balls to summon the Dragons of the Gods to restore the recently erased universes.

Enjoy the "Dragon Ball Super" episode 82 preview below. Stay tuned to MStarsNews for the latest updates on the hit anime series.

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