‘One Piece’ Chapter 859 Spoilers: Meet The Alliance That May Bring Down A Yonko

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 09, 2017 11:11 AM EST
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"One Piece" Chapter 859 spoilers predict that the highly anticipated Sanji-Pudding wedding will finally start next chapter. The recently released Chapter 858 seems to suggest that all preparations for the wedding have been finalized, from the wedding cake to the formation of the alliance that just might have enough punch to knock out even a powerful Yonko such as Big Mom.

The biggest development introduced last chapter was the meeting between Luffy and Capone "Gang" Bege. Near the end of "One Piece" Chapter 858, Luffy was finally asked by Bege if he wants to join hands in bringing down the Yonko, as seen in Manga Stream.

There was tension in the air as Luffy seemed to be taking his time in deciding. It is understandable that he might have conflicting feelings at the moment, after learning that it was Bege who shot and almost killed Pekoms. Thankfully, the tense moment was broken by another startling revelation, a fighter that Luffy could not have imagined would be helping him in the fight against Big Mom in "One Piece" Chapter 859 or later chapters.

He may be disguised but there was no mistaking that Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are facing their former enemy Caesar Clown. At first, Caesar tried to deny his real identity by saying that he is Gangster Gastino. But Luffy and the team would have none of it, insisting that he indeed is the Caesar they were able to defeat. In the end, Caesar had to admit and explained that Big Mom ordered his execution because of his defeat at the hands of Luffy if not for Bege's offer. He will now be fighting with the team in "One Piece" Chapter 859 as he is now basically Bege's slave.

Finally, Luffy made his decision to join forces with Bege. But he had one unusual request before doing so, GamesnAnime reported. He wanted to punch Bege at least once for shooting Pekoms. This started another round of shouting from their underlings but eventually, Jinbe interrupted the shouting match by reminding them of their hatred for Big Mom. As such, the alliance was born with both parties agreeing to execute Bege's plan in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 859.

The previous chapter likewise revealed why Big Mom was so infuriated with Lola and eventually to her sister Chiffon which explains why Chiffon will defy her mother and side with Bege in "One Piece" Chapter 859. Apparently, Lola was to be married to Loki, a prince of Elbaf, which is a kingdom of giants. However, Lola followed her heart and escaped. Big Mom, still unwilling to let go of the golden opportunity of entering into an alliance with the giants, decided to replace Lola with Chiffon, her sister who looks just like her.

However, Loki saw through the ruse and called off the wedding. Big Mom, on the other hand, became the enemy of the giants. Giving up hope of ever entering into an alliance with the powerful race, Big Mom resulted to experimentation to increase the size of ordinary humans. Given this detail, it is now explained why Big Mom is enormous; it is not genetic but a product of experimentation.

The stage is set for the big event. The alliance may just have enough power to knock down even a Yonko as powerful as Big Mom. Barring any unforeseen plot developments, "One Piece" Chapter 859 will likely see Sanji and Pudding's wedding begin.

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