‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Breakdown: Diana’s Origins Revealed

By Grace Anilado (xelca.mstarz@gmail.com) | Mar 13, 2017 03:46 AM EDT
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All, or maybe almost all, of the questions regarding the origins of Diana, the Amazonian warrior from Themyscira in the upcoming Gal Gadot starrer DC movie. The superhero powerhouse recently released a "Wonder Woman" trailer that showed a glimpse into the female superheroine's past.

The new "Wonder Woman" trailer shows Diana training amongst her Amazonian brethren in Themyscira. The idyllic island is home to their clandestine all-female society and is also where they prepare for saving the world, wrote The Independent. Yes, Diana and the rest of the Amazons are tasked with saving the mankind from destruction and the world itself in the process.      

Furthermore, the latest "Wonder Woman" trailer shows that Diana is more than just her costume and special weapons. In fact, her mother, Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nelson), bid the Amazon fighters to train her hard until she becomes better than everyone, Telegraph shared. Furthermore, the trailer revealed Diana being beaten by her trainer and unlocking the powers of her braces in the process.

How did Diana leave her island home of Themyscira? The "Wonder Woman" trailer also gave an answer for that question. It was during World War I when a pilot got stranded in the shores of the heroine's island whereby she found him. That became the signal for her to enact her duty of saving the world, i.e. to end the bloody WWI. And so Diana left everything she knew behind to embark on a quest with Chris Pine's character to guide her along in an alien world.

The "Wonder Woman" trailer did not show her ties to the Justice League, but she will also be part of the team-up movie. Furthermore, this is her first solo venture on the big screen, despite having been part of the DC roster of superheroes for 75 years. But finally, her fans will see her soon in June in theaters in both the U.S. and the UK.

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