'Hunter X Hunter' Hiatus Status: It Seems Like There's No Feb Deadline, Pissed Fans React

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Mar 14, 2017 08:43 AM EDT
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It seems like the "Hunter X Hunter" deadline given to Yoshihiro Togashi was not after all implemented. Fans are wondering when this painful hiatus will end. Well, some of the fans patiently waiting. But there are others who choose to wait silently. There are also others who choose to make funnily reacts to past the time.

For those anybody curious, yes, "Hunter X Hunter" hiatuses lasts much longer than its publication streak. The manga's longest publication streak is 30 publications which happened from 2011 to 2012. A chart from Hiatus-Hiatus will give great statistical information for those who are interested with HxH timeline. There are so many red squares, it hurts. But for those who don't, well it is still worth a visit.

On a Japanese Viper thread, fans are throwing their best funny whines. And everything escalates quickly, from jokes with manga references to the editing team. A kind individual from Reddit translated some of the best comments on the Viper thread and shared it with other fans.

One of the best reactions when someone referenced Killua's dialogue on Green Island while using the yo-yo. There's even a comment that referenced Killua's famous "Gon, you are light" It looks like fans memorized every scene, even minute ones, by rewatching what is available materials right now. 

It is said that the comeback of the manga will be announced on Naoko Takeuchi's birthday this March 15. Naoko Takeuchi is Togashi's wife. Ever since Togashi had an illness on his back, rumors have started that Takeuchi will be replacing Togashi in the HxH project. This is to avoid further hiatuses and to have publication continuity. The fate of the manga might be revealed too on her birthday. Maybe it is the Sailormoon Mangaka who will be taking over "Hunter X Hunter" after all.

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