‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 527: Cana, Gildarts Beat August, Acnologia Joins Natsu-Zeref Fight

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 14, 2017 02:14 AM EDT
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The coming "Fairy Tail" 527 is expected to take the action of the manga series up a notch. The new surprises and twists revealed by the recently released "Fairy Tail" Chapter 526 hint of exciting possibilities that storyline could go in the next installment.

For instance, the son unloved by Zeref hinted at by the previous chapter is actually not Larcade. While Larcade undoubtedly loved Zeref as a father, the feeling was not returned. According to Zeref, Larcade was just one of the demons from the Books of Zeref, nothing more than a tool when he resurrected his brother Natsu. This revelation is expected to influence the upcoming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527, especially with the revelation of Zeref's real son and the identity of his mother.

As previously speculated by MStarsNews, August was revealed to be Zeref's son. However, even the Dark Wizard is unaware of this connection. As far as he knows, August is just his most powerful and most trusted underling. But there is a strong possibility that Zeref may be made aware of August's true identity in the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527.

Meanwhile, Cana and Gildarts were having a hard time battling with August. The strongest Spriggan 12 member proved one tough cookie; even Fairy Glitter combined with Gildarts own attack cannot scratch him. However, August dodged Cana's card's attacks revealing his weakness, a weakness that would likely be exploited in the coming "Fairy Tail" 527.

Gildarts correct deduced that August can instantaneously copy and counter any magic attack. However, the Spriggan 12 member is unable to counter holder type magic like Cana's. And since Gildarts' left arm is just artificial, it means that he could use it to launch attacks that August could nullify. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 will most likely see the father-daughter team use August's weakness to their advantage, GamesnAnime predicted.

But more exciting possibilities could happen in "Fairy Tail" 527. Since Mavis is already revealed to be August's mother, there is a change that the first guild master could intervene in the fight. It should be interesting to see how Zeref would react when he learns of the existence of his son.

Whatever happens, they would still be facing the greatest threat of all. Acnologia was not featured last chapter but the Black Dragon could be back in the storyline when "Fairy Tail" Chapter 527 arrives. He was last seen near Erza but he basically just ignored her; he seems bent on finding Zeref for their final showdown. If he arrives before the brothers could wrap up their battle, a three-way fight will likely ensue.

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