‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ Director Reveals Secrets on New Keyblade Mechanic

By Staff Writer | Mar 15, 2017 12:21 PM EDT
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Fans of the "Kingdom Hearts" series have been patiently waiting for "Kingdom Hearts 3" since time immemorial, with some fearing that a real third game won't be making it out of development limbo. Luckily, not only has Kingdom Hearts 3" director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that the third game is underway; he also revealed some details regarding the new functions of the Keyblades.

Confirming that the Keyblades will have two transformation modes in "Kingdom Hearts 3," Nomura clarified that the division is not simply based on attack and defense. According to PlayStation Universe, the way a Keyblade would transform is dependent on the Keyblade itself. Currently, screenshots that Square Enix has released for "Kingdom Hearts 3" have shown the Keyblades turn into a pair of crossbows, a bazooka, a tank and a shield.

Nomura also shares that the enemy Sora was against in the recent screenshots is called a Rock Troll. This mace-wielding, towering brute is only treated as a mid-boss, indicating that the boss battles for "Kingdom Hearts 3" will be on an epic scale.

While talking about "Kingdom Hearts 3," Tetsuya also shared some info regarding another much-awaited game, the remake of "Final Fantasy 7." As Gematsu reported, a lot of things will be updated in the remake, like the infiltration scene at the beginning of the game. While the original had random encounters, the updated version will have new mechanics like taking cover and gunners, like Barret, will have a special element of his own. No further details were given about those, unfortunately.

Along with the image for "Kingdom Hearts 3," a couple of screenshots for "Final Fantasy 7" were also shown at the MAGIC 2017 event, with one depicting Cloud and Barret against the Guard Scorpion. Nomura shared that the battle system has been overhauled for the "FF7" remake, including a more strategic boss battle, where the boss can be attacked on different parts and players can switch between characters.

"Kingdom Hearts 3" for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One still has no definite release date, though the rumored target date is March 2018.  

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