‘One Piece’ 860 Manga: One Way Bege’s Best-Laid Plan Could Fall Apart

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 20, 2017 07:09 AM EDT
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"One Piece" 860 spoilers predict a riotous chapter up ahead. There are speculations that Capone's finely tuned plan, which was revealed in "One Piece" Chapter 859, will fall through when some form of information leak happens. Meanwhile, the net is abuzz with speculations on what the Mother Caramel picture's real connection with Big Mom could be.

In the recent chapter, Bege detailed his plan on how to take down the Yonkou. Apparently, it had to be done during the tea ceremony, which might happen already in "One Piece" 860. As revealed by Bege, the plan will take advantage of the only known Big Mom's weakness, a picture of Mother Caramel.

In a previous tea ceremony, someone touched the picture by mistake which had a surprising effect on Big Mom, a feat that the alliance wants to duplicate in "One Piece" 860 during the tea ceremony. The mere touching of the picture caused Big Mom to double over in pain and, more importantly, resulted in the weakening of Big Mom's iron-hard skin. They will seize this opportunity and target the Yonkou with the super poisonous weapon designed by Caesar Clown.

However, some "One Piece" 860 spoilers suggest that the plan would go awry. One possible reason that the plan could be compromised is that Brulee, Big Mom's daughter whose mirror world has been very useful for the Straw Hat Pirates, will eventually find a way to warn the Yonkou beforehand, Celebeat reported.

Meanwhile, some "One Piece" Chapter 860 speculations are more interested in what the connection between the Mother Caramel picture and Big Mom could be. There are speculations that the Yonko could be connected to the picture by some magical means, like how Dorian Gray is connected to his aging picture, GamesnAnime reported. According to these speculations, Big Mom's invulnerability is made possible because it is the picture that takes any damage for her.

There are other "One Piece" 860 theories regarding how the Mother Caramel and Big Mom could be connected. According to these speculations, they might be connected in the same way commander Cracker was connected to his hardened soldier biscuits. This time, the gigantic Big Mom is the puppet while the puppeteer is located inside the picture.

"One Piece" Chapter 860 will be out sometime this week. Stay tuned to MStarsNews for the latest news and update on the hit manga series.

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