'Pokemon GO' Random Evolution Item Achievable Upon 7-Day PokeStop Challenge

By BLindon | Mar 23, 2017 06:58 AM EDT
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"Pokemon GO" fans may now check out the recently released update. While there is not much to expect of the update, for now, there is more to come in the form of Legendaries. In the meantime, rumors have been circulating that the evolution items drop may be dependent on the Buddy Pokemon.

The official website of "Pokemon GO" revealed that the focus of the latest update would be on smaller items, particularly in two areas. First, gamers may now receive a random evolution item upon completion of the seven-day "First PokeStop of the Day" challenge. Note that previously, gamers have also received 2,500 XP along with other items for the PhotoDisc for visiting a PokeStop every day for seven days, GameSpot reported.

In the meantime, Niantic Labs has already confirmed that more of the Legendary creatures will be released in the wild this year. The "Pokemon GO" developers also rolled out "minor text fixes." The update will show up as version 1.29.1 on iOS devices and version 0.59.1 on Android devices.

Furthermore, the "Pokemon GO" developers confirmed that the highly anticipated trading feature is set to roll out this year as well. On that note, the product manager Tatsuo Nomura at the Game Developers Conference held recently revealed that trading will not be done via the internet. Apparently, players may need to be close physically in order to swap creatures.

Meanwhile, the drop rates of the evolution items that have been added in the "Pokemon GO" Gen 2 Patch remain to be low. Note that these unique items may enable certain Pokemon species to reach its final evolution form, Adweek reported. In a recent post on the Silph Road by the user Marvel227, claims that a Dragon Scale may be acquired by walking 1km with Seadra.

"Pokemon GO" fans should note that Seadra is known to evolve using a Dragon Scale. An earlier post by user Oxon_PkMnTrnr also discussed a similar case suggesting that evolution item drops may be dependent on the buddy Pokemon trainers choose to walk with.

Another "Pokemon GO" player with an Oddish Buddy Pokemon also received Sun Stone twice after switching. Check out evolution item drop rates in the video below:

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