'Fairy Tail" Chapter 528: Mavis' Plan Against Zeref Might Not Work, Acnologia Joins The Fight

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 23, 2017 02:58 AM EDT
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The wait for "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 is almost over; the highly anticipated chapter will be released any day now. Fans are particularly excited on what it may bring, given Mavis' revelation of finding a way to defeat Zeref and hints that Acnologia could be back next installment.

It looks like the war against the Alvarez empire is coming to a close. The emperor will now be alone in the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528. In the previous chapter, Zeref's two remaining loyal Spriggan 12 members met their demise in the previous chapter, which might be read in MangaStream. Larcade was killed by his maker, Zeref, whom he considered to be his father while August died while casting a spell, a spell that was not finished as he was distracted by the appearance of his mother, Mavis.

But what got fans excited in the coming "Fairy Tail:" Chapter 528 was Mavis' revelation that she stole something from Zeref when she escaped. It was revealed to be the Book of E.N.D. The previous chapter ended up with the guild's first mage going to the guild hall where Natsu is currently engaged in a battle against the Black Wizard, his brother Zeref.

Of course, fans are thinking that Mavis might use the Book of E.N.D. in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 to transform Natsu into the demon E.N.D. The plan is actually a brilliant one as it has been stated before that Zeref resurrected Natsu giving him the potential to transform into the powerful demon E.N.D. so that the demon may kill the Dark Wizard if necessary. Though it might be a bit hard to imagine to mere mortals, Zeref seems to think that immortality is a bit overrated and has contingency plans to end the curse.

However, there are "One Piece" Chapter 528 speculations saying that Mavis will fail if that is indeed her plan. As explained by GamesnAnime, Natsu previously journeyed inward where he met Igneel and was given the choice of whether to become a demon or dragon. Of course, Natsu insisted that he is human which disintegrated both the dragon and demon seeds, a symbolism that means he can no longer become either a dragon or the demon E.N.D. This was even confirmed by Zeref's observation when he noticed that Igneel's power is no longer inside Natsu.

Another exciting possibility that will most likely happen in "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528 is the reentry of Acnologia into the storyline. The Black Dragon is already in Magnolia and already met with Erza and Wendy. Fortunately, he did not attack them and instead vented his ire on the lifeless corpse of Irene.

But it looks like he will be joining the fight in the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 528. The chapter is titled "Evil Dragon," an obvious reference to the darkest of all dragons Acnologia. Facing a far superior foe, there is a possibility that the brother might temporarily shelve their hatred and work together to face the greater threat. Stay tuned to MStarsNews for the latest updates of the manga series.

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