‘One Piece’ Chapter 860: Katakuri Foresees Big Mom’s Assassination; Jinbei Sacrifices Himself

By Neviza | Mar 28, 2017 04:32 PM EDT
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"One Piece" Chapter 860 presents the opening of a big tea party. The said party includes the wedding of Sanji and Charlotte Pudding. In this party, Straw Hat Pirates set plans to save Sanji and Capone Bege lays out a scheme to kill Big Mom. However, such ideas might fall apart since Katakuri attends this great feast.

In "One Piece" Chapter 860, Straw Hat Pirate who sets their mind to keep Sanji safe decides to team up with Capone Bege, Blasting News reported. Though having different goals, they actually will be a benefit for each other if they work together. Straw Hat Pirates is on a mission to rescue Sanji, meanwhile, Bege is in a plan to wipe out Big Mom. But this plan can go downhill at any time since the second son of Charlotte family, Katakuri comes to this spree.

Katakuri, who is also known as Dogtooth, has the ability to see the future. So, in "One Piece" Chapter 860, he will certainly notice Bege's plan to put away Big Mom. It can also be concluded that he surely will mess up this assassination plan as he evidently saves Big Mom from Jigra. Consequently, it somewhat will stir Straw Hat Pirate's plan in trying to save Sanji.

On the other hand, in "One Piece" Chapter 860, Jinbei is presented in a dilemma whether he should keep loyal to Big Mom or save Luffy. It is a hard choice for him as he was threatened by Big Mom that she will slaughter lots of his fellow crew if he happens to betray her. However, he confidently decides to take Straw Hat Pirates' side and determines to sacrifice himself for Luffy, Celebeat reported.

Before that, Jinbei orders the Sun Pirates to leave the tea party as soon as possible so that they can be spared from Big Mom's vicious plot. He then tried his best to help Straw Hat Pirates. He even put his life on the line as he makes an effort to save Luffy who is persistently carry on his mission to rescue Sanji. "One Piece" Chapter 860 spoiler shares that this battle will lead to Jinbei's death.

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