‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 529: Mysterious Woman Helps Mages Lure Acnologia Into A Trap

By Mark Jason Alcala | Mar 28, 2017 11:15 AM EDT
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"Fairy Tail" Chapter 529 spoilers hint of some exciting developments to the manga's storyline. For the first time, a concrete plan is in place that, if successful, could spell Acnologia's defeat. In addition, the previous chapter dropped something unexpected, a mysterious woman whose identity is still being hotly debated by fans.

In the previous chapter, Acnologia was shown again just as previously predicted by MStarsNews. He was shown still kicking at Irene Belserion's dead body. Though Erza felt no connection to Irene as her mother, she was still disgusted at Acnologia's behavior and so she told him to stop. "Fairy Tail" Chapter 529 spoilers say that it was a bad call, she should have left Acnologia to do whatever he wished. To their defense, Erza and Wendy had no idea that it was the Black Dragon Acnologia they were facing because he was still in his human form when he showed up.

Irritated at being interrupted, more so after finding out the Wendy is a dragonslayer, Acnologia unleashed a powerful attack. Fortunately, Jellal arrived just in time and cast a defensive barrier that saved their lives. But  that was probably the extent of Jellal's usefulness as far as facing the Black Dragon is concerned, it was later shown that none of Jellal's magical attacks scratched Acnologia at all. In fact, it seemed to have the opposite effect on him, he grew stronger because he just ate the magical power behind Jellal's attack. The mages will be facing a bigger problem in the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 529 as he has now transformed himself into a dragon.

Erza, Wendy and Jellal were rescued by Ichiya of the Blue Pegasus Guild who rammed Acnologia with his ship Christina. In the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 529, the Black Dragon is not expected to give up. In fact, he will most likely chase the ship, which is just fine with Ichiya as it is actually part of his plan. He wants to lead Acnologia to a spot outside Magnolia, a placed where they stand a greater chance of defeating him.

However, luring of the Black Dragon into a trap does not seem to be Ichiya's original idea. The plan seems to belong to a mysterious lady on board Christina, one whose identity is expected to be revealed in the coming "One Piece" Chapter 529. But of course, it has not stopped fans from putting forth their speculations regarding the woman's identity as reported by GamesnAnime. There are those who believe that the woman could be Anna Heartfilia traveling from the past through the eclipse gate. Others have a different bet saying it could also be a younger Irene Belserion.

Whoever she might be, it appears that the woman will play a very important role in the coming chapter as she is described to be the key in bringing forth the light. Could the title of "Teacher" of the coming "Fairy Tail" Chapter 529 be referring to her as well?

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