'Dragon Ball Super' Ultimate Androids Unite For Tournament Of Power,Goku's Unexpected Trickery

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Apr 01, 2017 10:18 AM EDT
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The tournament of power is about to start, and Goku is busy scouting tournament participants. With Vegeta hopping in, the Earth Saiyan explored once more to find his old friends. Among them is Kuririn and his wife, Android 18. It is earlier rumored that Android 18's brother, Android 17, will also be participating in the universe-wide tournament. "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 84 will be the first stop on the way of reuniting Earth's most powerful androids.

Kuririn is Goku's life-long friend and no doubt the most powerful of the Earthlings. Even without a Saiyan blood, he was one of the warriors that help to protect the world. It seems that the little Earthling has been training secretly. The preview from the last episode proves that he even gave Gohan a hard time. Perhaps, "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 84 might introduce a new technique for Kuririn, as his Destructo Disc is outdated.

Meanwhile, Goku is trying to hit two birds with one stone as he tries to recruit Android 18. It has been known very well that Kuririn cannot say no to Goku, as Comic Book stated, but Android 18 is not the same. But Goku isn't giving up just like that, and he pulled out one trickery under his sleeves.

According to Latin Post, Android 18 is hesitant in participating in this big tournament. As her and Kuririn's family is growing, it is too dangerous if one of them will be put in danger. So to convince her, there must be something in return. To convince the Android, Goku lied and told her that there will be 10 million zenny prize money. And because of the huge prize, Android 18 immediately accepted the offer along with Kuririn.

Android 17 and Android 18 was once the biggest threat to Earth's existence. But with them joining in the Tournament of Power, they are inarguably one of the biggest assets. Android 18 and Kuririn's recruitment will happen on "Dragon Ball Super" episode 84 on April 4.

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