'Dragon Ball Super' News: Demon Realm And Makaioshins, Their Presence In Tournament Of Power

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Apr 05, 2017 05:20 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power is going to start and Goku is slowly but surely recruiting Universe 7 Participants. The Tournament of Power will be represented by ten warriors from eight universes and the universe with the last participant will win. With this knowledge, is it possible that some universes will recruit participants from the Demon Realm?

Tournament of Power on "Dragon Ball Super" so far places no restriction as to where the participants would be from as long as they're from the Universe they are presenting. Demon Realm is located at the very tip of the universe, so basically it is still a part of the universe, although not much is known in this world. But evil creatures and are said to loom in this realm which is ruled by a Makaioshin.

According to Blasting News, this realm is known to exist, but even the Supreme Kais of the known universe doesn't know what is going on in this place. It is expected that powerful evil mages inhabit the realm. Babidi and Bibidi once made the realm a hideout to slowly build their plans of eradicating the Supreme Kais. Babidi's puppet Dabura was said to rule the place as a King before but was dethroned once he fell under the mind control of Babidi.

If there will be someone who is closest to be compared as a Makaioshin in "Dragon Ball Super'', it is Zamasu. According to Celebeat, there is a possibility that each universe has its own Demon Realm. If one or two universes will decide to participate with a participant from the Demon Realm, it would most likely be the Makaioshin.

"Dragon Ball Super" will soon start airing as the Tournament of Power begins. With the Universe 7 represented by Earthlings, things could be interesting. However, it would be a really hard competition if one or two Makaioshin will appear.

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