'Dragon Ball Super' Spoilers: Frost To Come Back And Fight For Tournament Of Power

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Apr 09, 2017 06:25 PM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" tournament of power will bring back old faces on the screen, including old heroes and old villains. Frost, the former emperor of the Universe 6 will be making an appearance in the show. With his universe at the stake of being wiped out of existence, he is hired to win the Tournament of Power.

Frost is Frieza's counterpart from Universe 6, with the two sharing the same species. But their only difference is that Frost was loved by his constituents, while Frieza was feared. It was later revealed that Frost is an evil Space Pirate, starting wars and ending it to appear as a hero. Frost's whereabouts are unknown while "Dragon Ball Super" was running the Future Trunks Saga.

Just like Frieza, Frost has three forms and he powers up in every form he uses. All his form has significant similarity to Frieza's form, albeit Frost being taller than Frieza. But with his comeback on "Dragon Ball Super", it is said that Frost will also get a "Golden Form" being an alien with four transformational forms,  Toei Animation reported.

If Universe Seven is to win this championship, Goku and the others need to look out for this kind of participants. Frost has a retractable poisonous needle that is concealed in the holes on his wrists, according to Blasting News. With dirty tactics like this, going an all out Super Saiyan is not an option, as endurance is one thing for a Battle Royale that will happen in "Dragon Ball Super" tournament of power.

It is expected that Universe 11 will dominate the tournament of power, with people like Toppo and Jiren in their team. And the female Super Saiyan being on the Universe 11, the U7 reps will have a hard time. If Frost trained hard like Frieza did to defeat the Saiyans, the U7 main force needs a new transformation to keep up with "Dragon Ball Super" Tournament of Power.

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