‘Survivor’ 2013 Recap Finale Season 26, ‘Caramoan’ Episode 14 ‘Last Push’ Results: Who Became Sole Survivor?

By Andrew Meola | May 13, 2013 10:46 AM EDT
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The 26th season of "Survivor" is officially in the books after CBS aired the "Survivor: Caramoan" finale Sunday night. And despite his underdog status, Cochran emerged as the sole survivor and the winner of Season 26.

The episode starts off with Erik's feeling dizzy. Host Jeff Probst brings out two doctors, who determine that he is in a "starvation state" and pull him from the game. One Survivor is eliminated within the first few minutes of the show and without a Tribal Council.

The castaways receive treemail on Day 37 that announces a Reward Challenge, which should have been an Immunity Challenge until Erik collapsed. The players had to hold onto a rope with one hand to balance a board while they built a house of cards on that board with the other hand. The first player to build a house high enough to hit the mark would win the challenge.

Each player's house collapsed at least twice, but Cochran finished first and earned an advantage in the final Immunity Challenge.

On Day 38, the players must go through the traditional honoring of the eliminated castaways. Once completed, the final Immunity Challenge begins. Each castaway must run up a three-story tower to grab a bag filled with puzzle pieces, slide down a water slide and repeat twice more. They then must use the three bags of pieces to assemble a puzzle and the first one to complete it wins.

Cochran's advantage is that he does not have to run up the tower to get his puzzle pieces. He wins the challenge and guarantees himself a spot in the final three.

At Tribal Council, Cochran essentially has to decide if he wants to bring Eddie or Dawn into the final three. He chose Dawn, and Eddie becomes the final member of the jury.

After the traditional breakfast on Day 39, it's time for the final Tribal Council. The three finalists each made their opening statements to the jury and then each member of the jury questioned them.

Things got heated between several of the castaways, but the most dramatic moment came when Brenda asked Dawn to remove her teeth. Dawn had a retainer for her missing three front teeth but she nearly lost it earlier in the season and almost quit the show. She resisted at first but eventually did it and revealed the gap in her bottom row of teeth.

The jury votes, and Probst brings the votes all the way to America to the final live show. It's unanimous (eight for eight) for Cochran and he wins "Survivor: Caramoan." The reunion show aired after Cochran celebrated with his family.

Next season of "Survivor" will be called "Survivor: Blood vs. Water."

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