'Dragon Ball Super' Super Saiyan Rage As Gohan's New Form, Female Broly Might Appear Soon

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | Apr 24, 2017 04:46 AM EDT
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Since "Dragon Ball Super" Universal Survival Arc showed Gohan wearing his old Gi, fans always discuss what new form would Gohan will achieve. Gohan's perfect form is said to be the Super Saiyan Rage" which was achieved by Future Trunks. Female Broly might also make her first appearance soon.

The Tournament of Power sets the stage for new characters, as well as Gohan's come back as a warrior. It has been a long time since Gohan received a revamp, the last being his mystic form. It is still not hinted how Gohan will achieve his new form. But it was hinted in "Dragon Ball Super" Episode 88 that the result of Piccolo training Gohan once again will squeeze Gohan's dormant potential out of him. 

Piccolo's training might help Gohan achieve a new form, Comic Book reported. Every Gohan fan wants him to achieve Super Saiyan Blue, but it is likely that his dormant powers will be awakened by rage just like in Cell Games. It is possible that he will attain Super Saiyan Rage form, which was achieved by Future Trunks while fighting Zamasu and Goku Black. The Super Saiyan Rage form has an appearance of Super Saiyan with a blue aura like a Super Saiyan Blue. In "Dragon Ball Super", only Future Trunks is able to tap into this form.

It seems like the female Broly will make her appearance in "Dragon Ball Super" soon, with only a little time left before its commencement. The latest issue of V-Jump features a female with a spiky hair just like a Super Saiyan's, as reported by Crunchyroll. But the girl's hair black and not gold. The girl is said to be a Saiyan from Universe 6 and that it was Calli, the female Broly. It was presumed that she is also from Planet Sadla, a Saiyan planet where Cabba lives. 

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