'One Piece’ Chapter 863: Katakuri Unleashes Mochi Power; Jinbe Rescues Luffy, Joins Straw Hats

By Tania Gutierrez | Apr 26, 2017 05:30 AM EDT
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In “One Piece” Chapter 863, Luffy comes up with a plan of creating many fake versions of himself in the attack against Big Mom. Brulee was made to make hundreds of Luffy clones that will come out of the cake during the wedding ceremony and by using a mirror placed inside it.

At the wedding, Big Mom gets infuriated when the cake explodes and then sees a lot of Luffy clones according to “One Piece” Chapter 863 spoilers. She orders the cooks to immediately make another wedding cake and if they can’t, she will have all of them killed according to Manga Freak.

A really infuriated Big Mom, now infuriated screams that the real Luffy reveal himself and he then decides to show himself. Big Mom orders Zeus and Prometheus to attack Luffy, who prepares for battle. But, he is suddenly caught in a sticky substance coming from Katakuri’s leg reveal spoilers for “One Piece” Chapter 863.

Katakuri will manage to restrain Luffy through the use of his Mochi Mochi No Mi power. It will be later revealed that Katakuri can turn any part of his body into a mochi which releases a sticky substance he then uses to trap his opponents. However, Big Mom is enraged to be saved by Katakuri from Luffy in “One Piece” Chapter 863. This is because she treats Katakuri as her lowly child.

Big Mom will soon forget about her disappointment when she learns that Luffy actually wants to destroy Mother Caramel’s portrait. This fact will agitate Katakuri into thinking that someone from the Charlotte family is betraying them. This could be the only way for Luffy to know the importance of the portrait. In “One Piece” Chapter 863, Katakuri will force Luffy to reveal who betrayed the Charlotte clan but then, Jinbe will attack him with water.

This will allow Luffy to get away from the sticky situation she got into. Also in “One Piece” Chapter 863, Jinbe will admit that he was the one who told Luffy about Mother Caramel’s portrait. He then surprises Big Mom by telling her that he wants to leave her crew and then join the Straw Hats.

Big Mom then threatens to take away his life span reveals Good Kind of Geek. While all this is going on, Brook, who is disguised as Luffy sneaks in to where the Mother Carmel portrait is. “One Piece” Chapter 863 ends with Brook destroying the portrait.

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