'One Piece' Episode 786: Luffy Finds Trouble in Totto Land; Anime Creator Tells Ending To Fan

By Tania Gutierrez | Apr 28, 2017 12:04 PM EDT
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Luffy D. Monkey and the Straw Hat Pirates’ adventures continue as they set foot on Whole Cake Island in “One Piece” Episode 786. The promo for the said episode set to air on April 30, shows Luffy and Chopper indulging themselves in seemingly unlimited sweets. Meanwhile, the creator, Eiichiro Oda, may be keeping the series’ ending top secret but is said to have revealed it to one fan in particular.

In the episode prior to “One Piece” Season 786, the Straw Hat Pirates encountered Sanji’s siblings. Reiju saved Luffy from the brink of death by sucking the venom of an unidentified fish from the Captain’s body. When he has fully recovered, Reiju shared the Vinsmoke family history and how Sanji was separated from them.

After a heated discussion, the Vinsmoke siblings left aboard the Germa 66 and left the Straw Hat Pirates who decided to sail through Big Mom’s territory called the Totto Land. They set foot in the Sweet Sweet Chocolate Island for Luffy and Chopper to find food according to the preview on YouTube. In “One Piece” Episode 786, the Straw Pirates are predicted to find trouble in the island as they were in there with the Pekoms hiding them from Big Mom’s patrol.

Oda created the popular anime in 1997 and since then has been the subject of many speculations how the adventures of Luffy will come to an end. Oda has revealed that there will still be a lot that Luffy has to go through like the one in “One Piece” Episode 786 before he can become the King of Pirates. The series creator also admitted in an interview that he has already mapped out everything for the anime’s ending. He assured fans that it will be a very cool one reports Comic Book.

While Oda keeps the ending as a tightly guarded secret, there is one fan that he cannot say no to in revealing it. Back in 2014, Oda granted the wish of a terminally sick fan who met him in person. To this day though, no one has no idea of what their secret is.

Oda has also said that his anime is only about 30% more to go before it is finished. It has also been revealed that the Whole Cake Island storyline, which includes “One Piece” Episode 786 is almost done. It is said to be the final one in the successful anime series.

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