'Dragon Ball Super' Female Super Saiyan Previewed, U6 Love Triangle? Frost & Frieza Fusion?

By Charisse Mae Villanueva | May 25, 2017 10:13 AM EDT
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"Dragon Ball Super" is currently dragging the pace of the Tournament of Power, and for some unexpected reason, Majin Buu cannot participate. Universe 6 is doing well with Cabba training the two female Saiyans. Frieza and Frost, the counterpart of each other in their universes, might merge to take revenge from Vegeta and to take their freedom.

In the "Dragon Ball Super" era, Saiyans that are alive is not limited to Goku, Vegeta, and the Earth Demi-Saiyans. Universe 6's Saiyan race is still alive and kicking, and some of them are also participating the Tournament of Power.Cabba is training Caulifla, and it has been seen that the two is doing a great progress in turning her into a Super Saiyan, as reported by Comic Book. Kale will be seen in the corner, jealous about Caulifla and Cabba. Though it can be concluded that Kale will have her transformation soon.

A female Super Saiyan is a relatively new concept in "Dragon Ball Super". There's only a few Saiyans that are introduced throughout the earlier series, with Pan from "Dragon Ball GT" being the most popular. Their presence in the Tournament of Power will be interesting.

One interesting person that will also join the Tournament of Power is Frost. Since Frieza will be replacing Buu, there are speculations that Frieza and Frost can fight each other, or fight together. The two emperors of their worlds have an almost similar fate, as reported by Blasting News. And both would want to take revenge with Vegeta, as Vegeta at some point has defeated them. With the turning of "Dragon Ball Super" events, it is possible that the two will help each other get what they want.

There is a speculation that Frost is able to tap into his Golden Form, like Frieza. With this, they can do a fusion and can be one of the most powerful fusion-participant in the tournament. The Fusion which can be seen in a "Dragon Ball Xenoverse"  mod has already the name Frozer. Frost might be turning its back on Universe 6, as even if Universe 6 wins, the cops will be arresting him unless Champa gave a very favorable condition. 

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