‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Episode 1, ‘Stuck Together’ Leaked; Details Here

By Tanya Diente | May 25, 2017 10:14 AM EDT
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"Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together," has yet to air on May 29. However, someone has already leaked the premiere online ahead of its release on Carton Network.

YouTube user Shair Hendler released a full and HD copy of "Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together." The video was published two weeks ago and has since gained over 9,000 views. Fans believed that the episode was leaked, but a commentator revealed that the video was released on Cartoon Network's app.

Regardless, the video revealed what happens after Steven left for Homeworld. In "Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together," Steven is surprised to find Lars is in Homeworld too. He realizes that Aquamarine has also taken him captive. Steven reminds Aquamarine that their deal does not involve capturing humans, which of course, he was referring to Lars.

However, Aquamarine does not budge and still holds Lars and Steven hostage. Worse, she traps them in Topaz. The premiere title is fitting for the episode's plot, since it literally shows Steven and Lars stuck inside Topaz. "Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together," focuses on the friends finding a way to escape from being trapped inside Topaz.

According to Den of Geek, Steven and Lars almost managed to escape when their heart-to-heart talk touched Topaz. They made the giant robot become sentimental, which almost prompted her to let them escape. However, Aquamarine shows up and their plan foiled. The video for "Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together," ended with Lars and Steven separated from each other.

Whatever happens after "Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together" remains a mystery. It is likely that Steven faces his trial as Rose Quartz, given the Episode 2 title is "The Trial." Likewise, according to Korea Portal, Lars likely becomes the hero and finds a way to rescue Steven from the enemies.

"Steven Universe" Season 5 Episode 1, "Stuck Together" ended with Steven and Lars taken to separate rooms. The promo hints that they eventually reunite to battle Aquamarine.

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