Sugar Gives Birth To Eight Common Myths That People Should Stop Relying

By partha das | Sep 22, 2017 07:56 PM EDT
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There are eight common myths about sugar that most people believe. But, it is necessary for the people to stop relying on those myths as they include misinformation.

Modern people are very much health conscious and prefer to follow the common beliefs and myths regarding health problems. These include several beliefs and myths about sugar. A good number of people believe that consuming too much sugar can lead to various health problems, like obesity, liver, and heart-related problems.

Now, myths about sugar sometimes create a common conception that sugar even with moderate amounts is bad for health. But, the famous cardiologist at the Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York, Dr. Jennifer Haythe, opines that sugar is necessary. She says that sugar is the basic building block and suggests its necessity in the body.

According to Business Insider, it is truly important to know the real fact behind the common myths regarding sugar. People acquire a common thought that some kinds of sugar are good compared to others. But, the truth is all kinds of sugar confer the same effect on the body. Dr. Haythe reveals that white sugar, brown sugar or others finally broken down into a common thing, glucose.

In a word, sugar, in all forms, means carbohydrates that can ultimately be used as the glucose. A very common and funny myth is sugar can make children hyperactive, though several scientific studies have reported no connection between hyperactivity and eating sugar. According to Live Science, Dr. Mark Wolraich states that sugar doesn't affect the behavior of children. Dr. Mark Wolraich is the chief of the Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at the Oklahoma University Health Sciences Center.

A great number of people live with the myth that taking too much sugar can cause diabetes. But, Dr. Haythe reveals that diabetes is one complicated health problem that involves metabolism and pancreas. It prevents producing sufficient amount of insulin that helps glucose to absorb into the bloodstream as the usable energy. Now, excessive fat in the body can create insulin resistance and makes the diet with heavy sugar indirectly responsible for the type 2 diabetes.

Another important myth is that sugar is addictive, though no evidence has so far concluded and establishes this fact. Dr. Haythe reports that no evidence concludes the fact that sugar acts as the gateway drug. Apart from the said myths, there is another known myth that keeps the artificial sweeteners in a better position compared to sugar.

It is true that several artificial sweeteners, for example, Truvia, Stevia contain lower calories compared to the sugary counterparts. But the real fact is they are harmful to the body. People who consume diet soda that contains artificial sweeteners have more probability to develop obesity compared to those who don't drink.

Many people observe sugar as the key cause of all health problems, though it is rarely responsible even for heart disease and obesity. For obesity, sugar is obviously a contributing factor, but that doesn't mean that it solely affects the healthy lifestyle. The fact is sugary foods contain a good amount of calories and most of the times heavily processed. Now, if a person consumes huge calories, then he will certainly gain weight that makes him unhealthy.

Glucose is necessary for every human being to survive but some persons preserve an opposite view. They believe in the myth that sugar is inherently bad and it should be eliminated from the diet. But Dr. Haythe reports that for survival sugar is necessary, and it is quite impossible to eliminate sugar from all diets. 

The last and very known myth is sugar surely causes cavities, though the key reason of cavity is the acidic drinks and foods. Drinks and foods that contain the acidic nature are mainly responsible for tooth decay. They actually wear away the essential enamel that exists on teeth.

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