‘Scandal’ Recap ‘White Hat’s Back On’: Season 2 Finale Twists, Surprises Its Way To Shocking Ending Reveal

By Andrew Meola | May 17, 2013 10:57 AM EDT
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"Scandal" concluded its second season Thursday night with a roller coaster ride of an episode than ended with an unexpected twist. If there's one thing Shonda Rhimes knows how to do, it's pack an absurd amount of drama and action into a one-hour episode. The Season 2 finale of "Scandal" was no different.

Things start off with a flashback that shows how Billy Chambers, revealed last week to be the mole, avoided his certain death and struck a partnership with Charlie. Back in the present, David tells Billy he is holding onto the Cytron card (which would expose the rigging of the presidential election) until the time is right to hand it over to him.

In the kitchen of the White House, the Defiance crew (minus the dead Verna and plus President Fitzgerald Grant) meets to discuss a plan to stop Billy. Hollis, of course, suggests murder, but Fitz refuses to shed any more blood and they decide to retrieve the Cytron card.

Olivia tells Fitz they will stop Billy but then laments that they will have to wait another four years (after Fitz wins re-election) to be together. He tells her that he will win AND that she will be his First Lady.

Cyrus learns that Sally, the vice president, is planning to run against Fitz in the next election. But bigger problems arise as Governor Reston (from whom Olivia and Co. stole the 2010 elections) is in league with Billy. Reston threatens Fitz with Defiance's exposure unless the president makes him his running mate on the next ballot.

All this stress finally gets to Cyrus, who has a heart attack in public. Humorously, he refuses to stop working and calls Olivia ad Fitz from the ambulance. When an EMT takes his phone, Cyrus tells the security guard to shoot him.

Olivia meets with Reston and convinces him to produce proof of his allegations, which allows her crew to trace Reston's phone call to Billy to the latter's hideout.

Huck and Quinn wait for Billy to return but when Huck tries to torture the Cytron card's location out of him, he freezes and realizes he can't do it. Quinn then grabs the drill and shoves it...somewhere...into Billy, which splatters her face with blood in the process.

Mellie comes to visit Cyrus in the hospital and her estranged husband, Fitz, is there. The president then reveals to her in a great monologue precisely how he will turn the American public against her and put them in Olivia's corner.

The two will split up and Mellie will start her own political career. Fitz will support her and only say positive things about his ex-wife. Then, he will go on a few dates, which the tabloids will report on in great detail. Eventually, he and Olivia will date in view of the public. The president and his longtime friend and adviser decided to start a relationship that is more than professional, or at least that's how they will portray it.  A dialogue will start about race relations and the Republican Party will be blown wide open. The public will fall in love with Olivia, who will eventually move into the White House as the First Lady.

And if Mellie tries to out Olivia as Fitz's mistress, then the president will discreetly paint her as a racist, which would destroy her fledgling political career.

Cyrus, who has been trying to break Olivia and Fitz up for the better part of two seasons, even must admit that "it's good."

Back at Olivia's apartment, Jake saves her from a B613 assassin and then reveals that sleeping with her was just part of his mission. Olivia kisses him anyway before he departs, presumably for good.

Cyrus comes to see Olivia at her office and learns of the attempt on her life. He tears into her with a tirade about her stubborn insistence to still be with Fitz and shocks her with the news that the president killed Verna. If that weren't enough, Cyrus then shows the footage of Jake and Olivia's night of passion to the president.

David then shows up in Cyrus' office and turns over the real Cytron card to him. Turns out that David gave Billy a fake one earlier in the episode and wore a wire to capture evidence of Billy's plot on tape. He tells Cyrus he wants something in return first.

Billy is arrested and Fitz holds a press conference to praise him as an American hero. He then publicly rewards David with a new a job as the U.S. Attorney for D.C. David even left a white hat in a box labeled "For Olivia" in reference to their numerous, previous conversations about justice.

Just when everything finally seems settled, Fitz and Olivia meet in the Oval Office to talk about their relationship. Olivia says she can't be with him because she led her team "over the wrong cliff" and that she needs to lead them.

A montage then shows the various characters, including B613 agents' throwing Jake into the hole that nearly drove Huck insane.

Olivia, dressed of course in a white track suit, leaves her apartment to go for a run and opens the door of her building to a mob of reporters who ask her for comment from the president's mistress. Someone made the affair public.

Two men then hurriedly escort Olivia into a car where Rowan is in the backseat. The man who gave Cyrus the sex tape and told him to show it to the president, the man who sent a B613 agent to Olivia's apartment, the man who is Jake's commander greets Olivia.

"Dad?" she says, shocked.

And with that, Season 2 of "Scandal" came to an end. Fans will have to wait a few months for more information in Season 3.

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