Love And Hip Hop ATL Mimi Faust Talks About Stevie J, Joseline's Marriage, Ariane Saying 'She's Hurt', And Niko Using Her [Exclusive Interview]

By Mereb Gebremariam | Jun 17, 2013 07:38 PM EDT
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"Love and Hip Hop ATL's" Mimi Faust exclusively talks to MStars News about her relationship with Niko, Stevie J's rumored marriage to Joseline Hernandez, and whether Ariane was right for telling Stevie J that she was still "hurt" about him leaving her for Joseline Hernandez.

MStarsNews: Yesterday was Father's Day. Did you get Stevie anything?

Mimi Faust: No, He was working. He was traveling so he wasn't even in town.

MStarsNews: There are rumors circulating that Stevie got married to Joseline. Did you hear anything about that?

Mimi Faust: The same thing you heard. It's a rumor.

MStarsNews: Last season you had self-control and you knew how to handle yourself, but this season you're in everyone's face. Did you notice the change and was it on purpose?

Mimi Faust: The crazy thing is, really season one, I really didn't have too much confrontation and the confrontation that I did have they didn't show it. So it's really funny how editing works on these shows could be one way and the viewers really don't know once the scene gets to the editing table. And if they have you painted out or cut out to be a certain way, that's all they're going to show of you. So season one, they had me painted out to be this passive submissive doormat kind of woman and that's all you guys saw and almost every scene I was cussing Stevie J out and they never showed it, so you're really [now] getting to see who I was the whole time. So that's the funny part.

MStarsNews: Do you think Niko is using you?

Mimi Faust: I don't think Niko was using me. If you ask me everyone's an opportunist. Everyone in this world is an opportunist and if you're not, then something may be wrong. I don't think he [Niko] was using me. He was trying to get what he was trying do at the forefront, and I don't blame him. I would of done the same thing if I was him. Joseline was doing it to Stevie. Everyone was doing it, so it is what it is.

MStarsNews: You're views on Ariane telling Stevie that you aren't happy?

Mimi Faust: I didn't even know that occurred. That's interesting. I'm going to have to actually see that. Ariane and I have been friends for a very long time. Ariane sometimes will take the liberty to do things that she feels is 100 percent about it. I don't think she takes in consideration that it's inflicting or how would Mimi feel about it, and it's strictly about how Ariane feels about it and 'I'm going to do what Ariane wants to do'. But I know this about her.


MStarsNews: Was the Spirit lady talking about Ariane and not K. Michelle?

Mimi Faust: No, she wasn't talking about Ariane she was definitely talking about K. [Michelle] because I asked about Ariane specifically after that but they didn't show that, but she was definitely talking about K. Michelle when she said that.


MStarsNews: Do you believe In Pyshics?

Mimi Faust: Yea, I do because she was dead on. I literally sat with her for 45 minutes and everything she told me was accurate.


MStarsNews: If Stevie J married Joseline would you have her near her as a stepmom?

Mimi Faust: If you had a three year old, would you have your daughter near her? She is the same way off camera as she is on camera. Would you have your 3 year-old around her?

MStarsNews: Would you take legal action so she stays away from your daughter?

Mimi Faust: Even if I took legal action I still don't know what happens when I drop my daughter off at Stevie's house. I can do legal action all day long, that's still not going to prevent that woman from going over there if my daughter's there. It's just not. I just got to be real with myself. Do I want her around my daughter? Absolutely not. Does it happen? I'm pretty sure it does because he's a liar. He'll tell me all day long 'Oh no!" When I leave and drop her [Eva] off I don't know what goes on after that.


MStarsNews: Is there sexual tension still between you and Stevie J?

 Mimi Faust: I wouldn't say it's a sexual tension. No, I've known that man for many many years. I've known him better than anybody knows him and there's a good side in there somewhere. The side I fell in love with, the man I laid down with and had a baby with is still in there somewhere. Yea, he's an asshole, a d*ck, a F*cking liar all that but somewhere in there is the person that I knew, that I conceived a child with. He's in there so half of it comes out. He can be nice, sweet and this and that, the person that I fell in love with. You never know what you're going to get.


MStarsNews: Do you think he is a womanizer because he has 'Mommy issues?'

Mimi Faust: Absolutely, he definitely has abandonment issues and whole other wholesome issues. Most definitely.


MStarsNews: Have you been romantic with Stevie since breaking up?

 Mimi Faust: No, Who wants to go back and F*ck behind Joseline? Not me! No thanks!

MStarsNews: What new ventures do you have going on?

Mimi Faust: I have two book deals on the table right now. I have a children's apparel line inspired by my daughter.  I have an accessory line that I'm coming out with. And also, a home organizing line, it will be a product that will organize every room in your home.

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