The Hero TNT Recap Episode 4 'Heart': Dwayne The Rock Johnson New Show's Fourth Episode Adds New Twists, Raises Stakes

By Andrew Meola | Jun 28, 2013 10:42 AM EDT
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The fourth episode of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's show "The Hero" on TNT added a few new twists to the competition and upped the ante for the weeks to come.

The Rock opened the show by informing the nine contestants that the prize for the Hero's Challenge this week would increase to $60,000, but with bigger reward comes bigger risk. From this week on, one contestant would be eliminated.

If one of the players wins the solo Hero's Challenge, he or she gets to pick one contestant to eliminate. Should he or she fail, though, that player automatically goes home.

The next day, Charles, Dave, Shaun, Marty, Rachel and Athena compete in the team challenge. Shaun and Athena travel to a house to retrieve a code, while the other four climb 32 flights of stairs in a hospital to reach a sky bridge. The team does not want to send Shaun and Athena off together out of fear that they would take a deal and make the challenge harder, but the two go off together by default.

When they get to the house, they find The Rock, who offers them $30,000 to split. Shaun and Athena talk it over, but Athena decides that she cannot go back on her word and refuses to take the money, which means neither of them get anything. The Rock gives them the code and they take off to tell the other four teammates.

Back at the hospital. Rachel has the flu and nearly collapses while going up the steps, but her teammates help her reach the top. They discover on the sky bridge that, after Shaun and Athena arrive to give them the code, the four must leap off the bridge, grab a bag suspended in mid-air a few feet in front of them and plummet to the ground in a harness.

Each of the four takes a turn and they all grab a bag to complete part one of the challenge. The Rock arrives and tells them to pick three members to move onto the next phase, and they settle on Shaun, Charles and Marty.

The three go up to the 32nd floor and discover they must climb into an empty elevator shaft and pull themselves up 10 floors. Charlie struggles toward the end but they complete the challenge with seconds to spare.

In the War Room, The Rock tells the story of Eddie Aikau, a Hawaiian man who travelled for miles in open ocean to get help for his shipmates, who would have died had he not done so. Eddie was never seen again, and his death inspired the phrase "Eddie Would Go."

Each of the three men states his case and the group votes for Marty for the Hero's Challenge. The Rock also points out that male contestants have competed in all four of the Hero's Challenges and tells the women to "step up or step out."

Marty must swim for one mile in open ocean toward a sunken ship and retrieve a bag with $60,000 inside of it tied to a buoy. Marty struggles but, thanks in part to the Team Challenge success that gave him 40 minutes instead of 20, he succeeds.

Then The Rock introduces one more twist. He can either put the $60,000 into the pot, or he can take $30,000 from it. If he chooses the latter, he eliminates himself from the competition.

Marty does not hesitate, hands the bag to The Rock and tells him to put it in the pot. But that means he must eliminate one of his fellow contestants. He returns to the Hero Penthouse and chooses...viewers don't know, as the episode ends.

The Hero will not air next week and returns on July 11.

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