'Star Wars 7' News, Samuel L. Jackson Wants to Join 2015 Cast [VIDEO]: Mace Windu & His Purple Light Saber Returning for 'Episode VII'?

By Jon Niles, Mstarz reporter | Jul 01, 2013 10:22 AM EDT
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Samuel L. Jackson infamously broke Star Wars tradition by convincing George Lucas that his Jedi character, Mace Windu, should have a purple light saber as opposed to the standard color of blue. It was definitely something that stood out for his character in the prequel trilogy, but it look like Jackson wants to stir up more controversy with J.J. Abrams' Star Wars: Episode VII.

"I want to be in Star Wars," he explained while appearing on "The Graham Norton Show." "J.J's Star Wars..."

But there is a problem with this idea: wasn't his character killed off in Revenge of the Sith?

The last time we saw Jackson's character Mace WIndu in the Star Wars universe, he had been thrown out of a window and fell to his assumed demise. Jackson does not care about this. He feels that his character could have survived the fall!

"I mean, come on," he explained. "Jedi fall from incredible heights and a lot of them have lived with one hand... I think I could handle it."

To be fair, having Mace Windu back in the series is not that farfetched. A Jedi master goes into hiding after apparently dying? That literally happened with Yoda. Who's to say that the second most powerful Jedi, Windu, didn't decide to do the same? Only he just stayed out of sight for much longer than his master?

There are of course negative repercussions to this. For one, fans might not be willing to accept the return of Windu. If the fans don't want it, then this big return might be the downfall of the 2015 blockbuster. Also, having Windu return would just be another recycled character. Producers of Episode VII have been pretty adamant about having original storylines and characters, so if we want to see Luke, Leia and Han return (as they are rumored to be), we most likely won't see another older character.

What do you think? Jackson isn't the only actor throwing his hat into the Episode VII casting race, but do you think Mace Windu is plausible for the 2015 movie?

Check out Samuel L. Jackson talking about his purple light saber on "The Graham Norton Show" right here:

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