Carman, Christian Singer, News Update: Possible Title For Upcoming Album/ Cancer Update

By Anna Dinger | Jul 01, 2013 11:27 AM EDT
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Carman Licciardello, Christian musician, has been updating fans on current news concerning his upcoming kickstarter album, via Facebook, and has recently released a possible name for the album, 'A God Made Man.'  He has also done his best to keep fans updated on his health as he continues his battle with cancer.

On Friday, June 28, Carman posted a photo on Facebook of an Italian Shield with the words 'A God Made Man' placed on top of it.  "It's time for the weekend vote. I need your input. I've had a title for this new CD rolling around inside me for several months now and I want to see if it resonates with your spirit as well," he wrote.  

He compared the relationship between members of the Mob family and the relationships within the church, saying that, although very different, they should resemble one another in the level commitment and dedication they represent.  "Ours is a blood covenant and theirs is a blood oath. Everything that salvation is, the Mafia has a false counterpart. So for me, I'm like any other member of the family...I'm in it for life. A soldier to the end. The blood keeps me bound and I'm more than a Made Man...I'm a GOD MADE MAN," Carman wrote.

Later on Carman posted another photo and explained, "Just so ya'll know. The sign or shield has nothing to do with anything. I just picked it at random because it was green, red and white and looked cool, lol. I have no clue what the Italian words mean.  I put 'God Made-Man' on it with an iPhone app. I have no intention on using it on a cd - It's just a work in progress. "  

This second photo is a black and white picture of Carman as a young boy with the title, 'This Is What Italian Looks Like!'  In the photo Carman, age 9, resembles his older self, rocking a polo shirt and a suave hairstyle.  He captioned this photo saying, "Maybe I'll use this as my album cover - I was 9 and watching Batman at my Uncle Dons. You like this better ?"

The Kickstarter campaign for Carman's new album came to an end on June 18, after a 60 day period.  The campaign ultimately raised $538,103, more than $330 over the original goal of $200,000.  It also peaked at 5,043 backers in total.  

"Okay, this is crazy, it's astronomical, I can't believe it.  I can't even believe we're discussing this number, but we are literally a few thousand dollars away from reaching the astronomical goal of $500, 000, half a million dollars, that's crazy," Carman said 2 hours before the project closed, on July 18.  In the next two hours he managed to raise an additional $38,103 dollars.

"To be where we're at right now, it's crazy.  So, all I know is this is that, whatever God is doing in this particular thing with Kickstarter, He wants me to record, he has songs inside of me that have come from 12- 13 years of just drama and chaos and sickness and disease and disappointment and discouragement and He wants people to minister to it," Carman said in a video on Kickstarter.  "Whatever it is inside of me, I'm ready to do it, cause He's going to have to keep me alive to get this record done, He's going to have to keep me alive to do this tour.  So, do I want to do it?  Oh yea, I really do."

Carman also updated fans on the status of his health and his battle with cancer via Facebook.  He is currently in between doctors, so it is hard to say how he is doing at the present.  However, he has found that his is able to run up and down the set of really long stairs (used for athletic training) three times in a row, which he believes is good news.  In addition, a lot has gone on with Carman's family, but he found that God has provided despite the stress and hardship.

As for the production of the new album, Carman has decided to work mainly from home, rather than Nashville, because his doctors have told him that it may not be wise to travel as much.  As a result his choice of producers has been narrowed down, however, this has allowed him to find someone very 'hot and creative' who is willing to camp out in his house.  He has already writing 50% of the songs and continues to write as well as plan for his national tour.  

"God has met my needs on all levels. It goes to show that even if the people closest to you fail you, God will never fail you. He always has a another better idea to fix an impossible situation," Carman wrote in a post on June 25, entitled 'Faith Is Key'.  "God is faithful, always on time and like the picture says, faith is the key. Can I hear an Amen ?!?"

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