The Hero TNT Recap Episode 7 ‘Sacrifice’: Dwayne The Rock Johnson’s New Show’s Seventh Episode, Patty Conquers Height Fear, Charles Sacrifices Himself, Two Contestants Eliminated

By Andrew Meola | Jul 26, 2013 12:32 AM EDT
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Episode 7 of "The Hero" picks up where last week left off with Charles' having to eliminate someone. He comes back to the Hero Penthouse and talks to his teammates about the challenge.

He chooses to eliminate Athena because he feels the other five people stayed true throughout the competition.

The next morning, the remaining six contestants are ready for the final challenge. If they succeed, then $100,000 will go into the pot and $50,000 will go to the Red Cross. They learn that only five can go and one must stay behind, but everyone is eligible.

Patty feels like the odd person out, and the group breaks off to debate. Patty decides to stay back on her own to give the team the best chance, but she does not seem happy about it. The rest head up to the roof of Trump Tower, the tallest building in Central America.

The Rock informs them that all five must rappel face-first down the side of the building while tied together for stage one of the challenge. They have ten minutes to complete both stages.

Patty gets a phone call from The Rock, who tells her to come to the tower. The five start the 200-foot climb down the curved spine of the building. As they chant to stay focused, Lydia slips, but recovers quickly. She almost falls twice more but finds her footing. They hit the finish with 3:30 left.

They go inside and learn that three must go to the 51st floor emergency exit, while two more must go home. Darnell decides to sit out, as does Charlie, so Lydia, Marty and Dave head up.

Patty arrives and The Rock says that her teammates are going to do a slack wire walk between two buildings 50 stories above the ground. He offers her $35,000 to do nothing and her teammates will attempt the walk. But if she declines, she would be the only one to make the walk.

Patty decides that it would be almost impossible for three people to do it in 3:30 and chooses to face her extreme fear of heights. The three teammates arrive and The Rock tells them the situation. Marty is upset, while Lydia wishes she could stay and cheer her on while she attempts the challenge.

As Patty starts the challenge, Marty continues to complain back at the penthouse. She makes it with five seconds left (amid flashbacks to her other fear-conquering moments), breaks down in tears and then celebrates.

She comes back to the penthouse and tells everyone the good news and they swarm her with cheers. She talks to Marty in private and talks through the situation. Darnell, Dave and Patty talk in the kitchen as Marty listens from the other room.

Everyone starts to relax but a message pops up on the screen that tells the remaining players that only five of the six can advance through to the finals and they must vote. He relays the message at dinner.

As they try to figure out how to decide, Charles volunteers to go home. Patty and Lydia cry and try to stop him, but he says he does not need to go through to the finals to know he has fulfilled his purpose in the competition.

Lydia decides to tell Patty how Marty acted while she was walking the wire. The guys talk about the impending decision.

In the War Room, The Rock talks to Patty about her conquering her fear. Dave calls Charles a hero for his police work, while Darnell says his hero was his father. Lydia says she wants to take the competition's lessons out into her real life, and Marty claims that he has grown during the show. Charles says the $610,000 prize means more time with and love for his family, and that his search was about letting go of all that.

The group votes and Patty is the first one through safely. Darnell advances next, followed by Lydia and Dave. Charles and Marty are the final two left, and Marty advances.

Charles starts to tear up and The Rock offers him some words of encouragement. Charles gives one final speech and says goodbye.

America's vote will determine the winner of the $610,000 prize in the finale next week.

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