'The Bachelorette' 2013 Spoilers (July 29th Recap): Desiree Dumped by Brooks in Season Finale Part 1; Hartsock left Heart-Broken

By Lauren Cortez, MStars News | Jul 30, 2013 09:30 AM EDT
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Desiree Hartsock gets her heart broken on national television (once again) during last night's 'Bachelorette' episode (July 29th). While the "bachelorette" is supposed to be the one breaking hearts this time around, Brooks Forester beat Des to the punch when he surprisingly dumped her during part one of ABC's two-part 'Bachelorette' season finale.

Spoiler alert: Brooks will apparently not be popping the question to Desiree during part two of the finale next week. Des may have been at the "finish line" with the long-haired marketing analyst, but the frontrunner (and the bachelorette's obvious first choice) removed himself from the race a week early. This leaves only two men left in the running (if Des happens to pick a consolation prize : Drew Kenney & Chris Siegfried.

Here's a recap of Monday night's episode:

After meeting the remaining contestants' families during the hometown dates episode and eliminating Zak, the final three men flew to meet the bachelorette in beautiful Antigua where they each could be offered a "fantasy suite" card at the end of the night. Drew, the "sweet," "kind," "honest," and "loyal" man (in Desiree's words), is the first to explore the island with his potential future wife.

Drew admits that he "falls more in love with her" every time that he sees Des and that she's his "soul mate." The two explore the Antigen destination of Shirley Heights on their date where they bond with the locals at a festival, kiss, picnic, and kiss some more. Due to the rain washing out their dinner date on the beach, Desiree invites Drew back to the fantasy suite earlier than intended. Drew of course accepts the invitation and tells her he's ready to get down on one knee right now. Desiree says she feels like a princess as Drew showers her with affection and kisses and kicks the camera crew out of the fantasy suite bedroom...

Before revealing Desiree's second overnight date, the cameras follow Brooks back to his hometown where he sits down with his mom and sister to discuss his "unsure" feelings about Desiree and get some advice before flying out to Antigua. Forester explains that he "wants to be in love," but is not yet ready. While Des is clearly eager to walk down the aisle with her #1 man, Brooks admits to his family that it would be uncomfortable for him to propose at the end of the "Bachelorette" process.

The focus is then brought back to Desiree and her helicopter date with Chris. The two land on Barbuda Island where they picnic, make out passionately in the sand, and frolic in the clear blue water. Later on, Chris brings up the serious topic of their potential future together and asked if Des would be willing to move to Seattle with him. She responded that although California is her "home," she'd be willing to make sacrifices for the one she loves and therefore would be "open to it." The bachelorette then extended the second fantasy suite card to Chris. He accepted and said that he'd love to spend the night "watching the stars" with her...(that can be left for open interpretation).

Of course no Chris date would be complete without some poetry. After reading a romantic entry from his diary, Desiree and the poet proceed to make out in the pool and "star gaze."

Meanwhile, Brooks sits down with host Chris Harrison for a heart-to-heart. Brooks explains to Harrison that although he cannot "pinpoint" exactly why, he is not "crazy in love" with Desiree and isn't ready to jump into something if the feelings aren't there. While the host seems to be begging Forester to stay on the show and spend more time with Des, Brooks says that if he's not "feeling it" at this point, he probably never will. Desiree is not the love of his life, although he wishes she was. Now that Brooks explained his side to Chris, all that's left was to break the news to Desiree...

While Desiree saves her best date for last and excitedly prances down the beach to meet the man of her dreams with a huge smile on her face, prince charming contrarily has a rather glum expression on his. She immediately senses that something is wrong. Brooks sits the bachelorette down for what had to be the most awkward/disheartening conversation in 'Bachelor/Bachelorette' history.

Brooks tries to explain that he "wants to be madly in love" with Desiree, but isn't quite there (and does a pretty poor job choosing his words). Desiree immediately breaks down and cannot look Brooks in the eye. After questioning "why now," Brooks tells her that he didn't see them lasting after the show and wasn't sure of his feelings til now.

"I don't care that you just broke my heart...I love you," cried Desiree. She also confessed that she was planning on choosing him the whole time. While Brooks struggled to find comforting words, the two sat crying and hugging awkwardly for way too long, leaving most viewers wanting one of the camera men to pull them apart and make it stop.

When the pair finally get up to take a walk, Brooks provides the best line of the night: "So what are you gonna do now?" This sets Desiree off, and she reveals through her tears that she was saving her whole heart for him. She says she's now "conflicted" because she was saving all of her love for Brooks and holding back with the other men. Hartsock finally tells Brooks that he can go, and the two break away from each other: Brooks cries under a tree, while Des cries on the dock.

During the last scene of the show, a broken-hearted Desiree reveals that although there are still two great men in the competition that love her, she cannot love them back as much as she loves Brooks. "Honestly for me it's over," Hartsock cried as ABC flashed the "To be Continued.." text across the screen.

Is it really over for the "Bachelorette?" Will Desiree settle for Chris or Drew in part two of the season finale or just call the whole thing off? Will Brooks realize that he actually does love Desiree and return next week?

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